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jeffrey campbell!

i lost control when i saw these babies on i post it awhile ago as my shoeporn then stalk every website who sell these babies...and finally when i saw the FREE SHIPPING promo from solesruck, i unconsciously asked my singaporean friend to bought it for me first.
jeffrey campbell is a genius. these shoes are sooo comfortable! i can walk all day long with these babies, + got so many compliments from everyone who saw these shoes! i'm 175cm tall and these baby makes me looked 15cm taller... its nice to be 190cm for a day(evil laugh)... i saw many fake lita boots and snicked std wedges everywhere, i've tried em too, but its just not the same, it hurts so bad you could die! so please love your feet and spend more, it's your lifetime investment!
one of my friend said "a good pair of shoe will take you to many good places"...


  1. jealous over those JC litass !!

    ps. ur twitter application thing keeps popping out :/ its quite troublesome for me because it wont go out of my screen...

    have a great weekend !
    glisters and blisters

  2. I waaant litas tooo, yes Im agree with you, the fake lita boots not same with the reall lita, just wondering how JC make them, I need their formula :p


  3. I'm jealous ! I want one too because I'm so petite . Hahaha

  4. michelle: idk how to stop the twitter API pop up.. T_T will definitely ask my friend to help me... aaa it feels like heaven! i can walk 8+hours with those babies..

    june: buy the lita boots!! he simply a genius, lol.. some people said he hired a group of people to count the pressure, material elasticity, etc ....

    becky:buy em dear,it'll change your life...

  5. lucky you!! love those litas! Just read your latest post, I'm from makassar too! It's nice to meet someone from the same hometown :D

  6. mellisa: my friend is from makassar. but i'm from jakarta lol. sorry for the misunderstanding.. nice to know you too
    i'll follow your blog! please follow mine ^^