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bday party(again??)

26th!!! yeaaayyy... no its not mine, i'm still 18.. its mr.ivan victor lucas 's bday
my boyfriend love junk food so much he went to Mc Donalds after i gave him his bday cake in Burger King! -.-... i never said that he's perfectly healthy , but i like chubby guy idk why, maybe because i can hug him and said "he's so fluffyyy grrr" haha... i wish our 1.5 years relationship will lasts forever, and i really pray for his health .T_T...

last year i gave him a pair of shoes, but this year... i gave him the "red pockets"(read:angpao) and a bday video lol...
yeaaa money! my first not so romantic bday present but its the most useful thing to date right?  right??? right???
 btw i bought the cake from billie's chick. its suppa duppa yummy.. y'all should try it! the "rafael" and "cheesecake" are the best! you could find them at central park or beside relish cafe( greenville)..

have a nice day! much love and kisses

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