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Frankie Morello F/W 2012-2013

I worked for Frankie Morello as their dresser two days ago, yeap... Sorry for spamming your timeline guys. I went to their headquarter to see their collection the day before the fashion show but unfortunately the didn't allow me to take any pictures there and guess what. One of the designer of Frankie Morello was kind enough to open the front gate for me + show me his waiting room. Yes he's THE Maurizio Modica. He's the most humble and down to earth major designer I've ever known. I couldn't bring my camera during the fashion show because it was too hectic and all of the dressers need to be professional no? Luckily they allowed me to took some pictures before the show began and after i wrapped all of my outfits up. enjoy people!
me and maurizio modica

before the show began

my FAVORITE bag ever!
The theme was rock and roll, sporty looks combined with studs, fringe, fur, and chains. All the pieces were too precious to be true.  I saw one of the worker stitch and glued the studs before the show began by herself.

MAJOR HOTNESS, it was one of the original frankie morello's shoes. they need to scratch them with knifes before the show began so that it was rough enough for the model to walk. Look at those studs under the soles! They were ah-mazing. I really need to buy one of those babies as soon as they hit the stores. *faint.

Pers, buyers, bloggers @ the backstage
I saw Denny from chicmuse in the backstage before the show began, she passed me by and she was so petite! she's shorter than i thought, super skinny and pretty though.
2 of my favorite dressers Demetrio Romeo and Jennifer Zhang

i wore dress-zara, vintage-socks and shoes,zara-bag

I met and talk to many AMAZING, popular, and friendly models in the back stage. Finally i could say hi to Tanya dziahileva in person and i dressed Isabella Melo !!!! OMG i can't believe that she's 18! The two pictures above are the properties of My job was to dress her from head to toe; hats, accessories, skirts, stocking, shoes, bags, everything within seconds. Fashion is a serious business people. There's no room for error coz every little detail counts. I learned a lot from my first experience as a dresser,thank you so much frankie morello. Hope to see more pics of the show asap on their website. Just click here to see their previous collections.


  1. wooow so amazing collection!! n u're so lucky u cud work with them! :D

  2. i'm a fan of studded and spike things. drooling for the spike shoes in these post! you're so lucky dear :)

  3. WOAAAHH!! amazing! god bless you kak!
    and love your new header

  4. aish enaknnnyaaaaa bisa kerja backstage dsanaa..

    itu ysl arty gw yg valentine edition.. kek pink/merah ish gitu :)

  5. Wow, amazing clothes :-)

  6. my dream joooob! good luck there kisskiss :*

  7. ooooooh my God lucky you to work at Frankie Morello's backstage <3 I want!

  8. omg you are too lucky to be trueeee! >< it must be SO FUUUUN <3

  9. it's really awesome you got to work at the fashion show! the designer's work looks really amazing. love how edgy it is! lovely photos of bloggers you spotted! you look great too. love your hair!! keep in touch <3


  10. Omaygah. Those studs! Freakin awesome T_T

  11. envy you cindy!! ak juga mau kerja kaya gt :(
    and i love the bag baby <3

  12. you are so lucky, gali ilmu sebanyak-banyaknya dan tampil di website street style sebayak2nya jugaaaa hehe

    Herdiana Surachman

  13. wow~! you're so lucky! I wish I could get that kind of experience!

  14. cindy your univ is really cool istituto di marangoni
    i hope can have a scholar for photography there :)