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Furla and I

 I went to furla after party two days ago to accompanied a friend of mine. It was a fun night! Full of fashionable people, susie bubble just left the party before i came in and there was the bryanboy dancing on the stage. There's nothing sweeter than the new collection of furla though, i'm a fan of their candy bag since a long time ago and my mom bought at least one of those furla leather bag everytime she went to visit me here in Milan coz my home is a minute away from the store. Will buy that multicolored candy bag right away when they're hitting the stores!

loveliest DJ
LOVE the turquoise one!!
new colors of their signature bag
Furla's candy bag is more affordable than the other leather goods. It cost 165 euro for the normal one and 190 for their studded one. YES studded!!They really put their hearts out in their newest collection. It's full of colors, different materials and of course they have a lock in every bag to make sure that your precious things that are covered with their sweet temptation will always be safe. So grab you candies people!!


  1. cekaa i like the candy bag!!! ngiri banget km ketemu bryanboy, chiara jugaa! aaaak!
    anyway makin kurus yaaaah skarang hihihi

  2. iri ketemu bryan boy. itu bagnya!! mauuuuu

  3. furla is so so cool! great photos!

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  4. so jealous ci cekaaa.. that you had an opportunity to meet bryan boy D: you look awesome with the pink coatt <3

  5. Ooohh find your blog of coincidence and seems me pretty, that bag is precious!! I would like that visit my blog and if you like we can follow each other :)