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zara-aroma theraphy,H&M headband
celine-wallet, love moschino-clutch, venezia-watches,H&M-bangles
No outfit post for my gloomy valentine... LDR sucks but this lovely little things are just too cute to be true no? I decided to share all of my new babies with you.. >.<...

frog prince!

I purchased the Karl Lagerfeld's light coke 2 months ago in Paris. It was the cutest coke ever and actually the mini carousel is a music box.They put the machine inside the carousel, heavenly!
kurt geiger-heels

YSL-arty ring
Finally  got myself this YSL arty ring instead of the turquoise one. It's amazing nuff said. This is the end of the "Lust" part and NOW, let's talk about "love". I love to celebrate valentine’s day every year but no cupcakes or chocolate for mr.B this year. I know this day is arbitrary and we should celebrate our love everyday but to have a special dinner with my boyfriend (and forget about my strict diet plan and stuff) for a few days in a year is not a crime no?. It’s been (almost) 5 months since I left Jakarta…. I missed TOO many fashion and beauty events, my friends,family,  chiko and mr.B ;but this long distance relationship made me realized that sometimes we forgot to appreciate what we had. I wish i could capture every precious moment in my life, make a video of it and watch em again as soon as i miss those moments someday. Maybe that's the reason why people do a pre-wedding, maternity and baby photo-shoot. Time will never wait, keep that in your mind people.... I'm listening to whitney houston's "I will always love you" right now. Yes valentine won't be the same without the mother of all love songs. I send my prayers to all of her family, friends and fans. 
greatest love of all-courtesy of lunicophotography

Another thing to share about love, yesterday i saw a tweet from lunicophotography . 
Lunico said "To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage" . Sweeetnessss!>.< For your information Lunico photography is a company made out of a bunch of hopelessly romantic +creative people. Ah-mazing photography and (in my opinion) they offer many complete packages with a very reasonable price. Do visit their facebook page or follow them via twitter! They offer a special deal for prewedding/couple/anniversary photoshoot in Bali and Singapore right NOW. Don't miss it guys!


  1. OMG THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love both of your watches, especially the one with the turquoise strap - it's just gorgeous!

  3. love the clutch!!! happy valentine day!

  4. Love the shoes, and the YSL ring is absolutely breathtaking! <3 I can't wait till I'm older and I can indulge in such beautiful luxuries. <3


  5. Love the music box, headband.. Really cute things.
    YSL ring and those heels look gorgeous ! ^^

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Indie by Heart

  6. Gorgeou kurt geiger heels! Lovely...
    Your condition is the same with me for having long distance relationship.
    Well just be patient and keep on having a strong communication

    Soon the time will go on and can meet your bf during the holiday or after finishing college abroad :)

  7. so gorgeous heels and also the ysl arty ring

  8. Gorgeus soo many stuff

  9. great blog!
    i follow you now.
    Hope you will follow me back.

  10. its lovely and i love it so much, especially the frog prince ;)♥

  11. i want to take a peek what's inside that celine box.. and me want the clutch!!! btw that Karl's cpke bottle is worth to collect =)

  12. cool heels!

  13. i love the clutch, watches and of course ysl artsy rings. what color is the one you've got anw? its cool! feel like getting myself another one >.<
    and the heels are as gorgeous as you are! <3

  14. i love all of the LOVE itemssss... <3


  15. hihi,, I know, you miss Mr.B right? :p
    don't be sad kak.. I think it also nice in Milan. :)


  16. oh i love your Moschino clutch, Karl's coke, and YSL arty ring! great post ci cekaa <3 and i hope you could celebrate next year's valentine's day with your bf and fam :D

  17. Love your Green watch and that YSL ring.. Those new baies of yours are sure Fabulous!
    Love love them!

  18. me lovin everything. that frog prince clutch is super cute. and the ring is probably the item i want to stole most! ur changing gloom valentine day with GLAM valentine day with these stuffs ceka! ahahaha, and what the heck, ur so skinny !

  19. Such wonderful details!!! :D Love the little frog and your pics in general!!


    / Linda from sweden