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From Moschino With Love

My friends and i went to Maison Moschino to celebrate our boyless valentine's day. It was one of my most favorite place in Milan to date. The hotel and restaurant was so dreamy! Take a look at the hotel rooms and restaurant here . I'm a big fan of moschino since two years ago and i need to say yes right away when my friend Maria asked me to spend my valentine's day with her, my classmate ayu and her big sis tooo...

i wear: H&M-LBD,kurt geiger-shoes,YSL-arty ring

one of the room's theme:cloud
me and my super beautiful friend Maria
and this is why i love Maison Moschino, the sofas!!! OMG the beautiful gowns behind me and my friend were actually our seats. They were too lovely to be true no? It was one of the most romantic diner in my life(lol). No, my post is not finished yet... I will show you some of the valentine's special cuisines...
 appetizers made by chef Moreno Cedroni, he designed the box by himself,it's a limited edition and i got 1!
crab pasta with seaweed sauce + eatable bubble on top!

sea bass with rose petal and sour sauce
Nuff said.... I'm drolling right now...
For all of you readers or maybe food bloggers, you need to go to the maison moschino restaurant before you die... Seriously, all the foods were super delicious, and the presentation of em were so dreamy, this was one of the most precious moments in my life. Good food, good friends and i can't do nothing but grateful to have such an amazing quality time with my girls.


  1. looking fly! :)

  2. Great place, yummy food, nice dress! :) Perfect ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. ya ampunnnn cantiknyaaaa, happy Val's Day ya, walau telat seminggu hihihi

  4. you look pretty dear.. i love your outfit..

  5. You look so gorgeous! I can't get over how beautiful the hotel looks, it's literally like a dream! All the cloud themed ornaments look so delicate ... but I can't believe how ridiculously beautiful those gown chairs are! I would've just turned my head around the entire night and stared at them haha all that good must have been soo good! :)

  6. love ur dress! and i think the hotel its soooo cool!! <3

  7. soooo gorgeouss.. and the place isss yaa dreamyy!!!!

  8. pretty in black!
    love ur first photo ceka

  9. duh jadi laper!
    by the way, you look so pretty in that black dress.
    happy valentine

  10. cool photos kak! :D

  11. happy valentine again cindyy! those food look amazing! so glad that you had a nice time in ur valentine. I was stuck in home doing homework. :(((

    Alviana Kalin.

  12. Love your heels cindy <3

  13. Seems like a perfect place for date with friends, surrounded by beautiful dresses and such! That lamb is super cute too :D

    All the food looks so nice, they're so pretty that who could eat them ! ^^ I believe they tasted as good too.

    Indie by Heart

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  15. I think I am in love with this LBD. The shoes go perfectly with it!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  16. how cool it is!!! I want to go to Milan again... Milan is just.. amazing :D

  17. Your so adorable, ci Cindy.. i like you <3


  18. Love the black dress, gorgeous!


    / Linda from sweden

  19. Aww ... how cute
    love ur look and the background as well
    the poodle and sheep are so adorable

    I am following your blog now..
    Hope you will follow mine too

  20. ci cekaaaa.. i think your life in Milan is so good. great food i saw there, made me so hungryyy. you look gorgeous with the dress and pumps <33

  21. rose petal? do u really eat it? hahahha.... seru tapi conceptnya. u look pretty on those dress <3

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