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Milan Fashion Week Recap pt.1

Lesson learned.... As Signora Anna dello russo said "Never ever be lazy! in fashion.. it's impossible"
I was TOO lazy to wear my high heels two days ago at the versace fashion show and guess who i bumped into???? She's Chiara Ferragni the girl behind theblondesalad . She's so friendly we introduced ourselves and take a few pictures together. I also met a lot of bloggers there; susie bubble, chicmuse,bryanboy,etc. Here is my MFW recap and will update em really really soon!
The amazing kate lanphear

Brian boy
preppy love
another pic of mrs kate

Okay... I need to lose at least 10 kg... She's the loveliest model though, when i asked her to take a picture with me she was smiling and said "I thought nobody loves me" lol...

The sweetest and friendliest Top Model of all Miss Alek Wek
The girl behind Hippie Gone Mad
It's 1 a.m in the morning, i'll have my first job as a dresser for frankie morello's fashion show @ milan's fashion week today! Wish me luck guys, i've seen all of his pieces already and they were AH-mazing!! Promise you I'll put a massive picture bombs if they give me the permission.


  1. Awww so envy ! :p

    but, goodluck :D

  2. wow!
    so awesome that you met Chiara!

    i'm wondering, so are you studying in milano? for what major?

  3. CEKA!!!!! I'M SO JEALOUS!!!

    PS. you look lovely as per usual but I'm still jealous!!!! <3

  4. sooooooo adorable and beautiful <3


  5. I envy you a lot!!! Btw cin, km gk pake heels tapi tingginya cuma beda dikit.. Deeeyyymmm =D

  6. so jealous ci cekaaa! you met lots of inspiring people.. gosh.

  7. hmmm superb !
    Stunning pictures looking glamorous in these hairstyles
    they are looking just awesome i love to have these pictures i think they have worn the hairstyles for prom that is why these pictures are stunning !