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A day in Bianco Latte

I was searching for the best restaurant in Milan a few weeks ago and fortunately a friend of mine post this video of miss Chiara ferragni on facebook. I never thought that she'll be so informative and salute to chiara, she has a very good taste in fashion as well as in food. Yes, i went to a boutique that she recommend to her readers and last week i finally went to her favorite restaurant "Bianco Latte". Bianco Latte means white milk btw. A few hours of chit chat with a few friends of mine while enjoying a bunch of tasty food was not enough, sorry belly... i promise i'll work out... read more and enjoy!

vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate sauce and coffee =heaven
Okay the name of the restaurant itself is bianco latte, so a friend of mine ordered their special bianco latte con biscotti (read: white milk and biscuits). It was lovely and the meal was not too fancy, it feels like a good home-cook. The best home cook ever perhaps?
No need to put any explanation here right? the picture said it all.....

raspberry with chocolate mousse
will definitely eat this pie ASAP

and here is my casual friday face, yes yes i'm not fierce and edgy all the time and i really try to smile in this photograph dear ario achda  . Btw i miss the first two days of fashion week because of my projects etc, but i'll definitely go to gucci or versace tonight and will update my fashionweek recap pt.3 sooooon. stay tune people.
Last but not least,some people asked me about my makeup routine, what do i eat(yeah), where do i live, etc. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and questions, Maybe you could ask me anything in my formspring(it's hanging on my sidebar) and i'll make my "fact about me" page asap. btw do choose which of the marni pieces that you love the most coz you'll never know...... Ha!


  1. cool post kak, btw... cantik bgtttttt *_______________*

  2. The video is great, i enjoyed watching it Cindy!
    And those food photos, oh My God, you always make me hungry whenever you put on food photos hehe
    and your friday face looks really prettyyyy ... :))


  3. All the food looks great :> Lovely post!

    - Indie by Heart

  4. omg raspberry with chocolate mousse yummmm. i like your face in that photos cekaaa<3 kamu alim gt kliatan na. Lol<3
    call me Diiiyn!

  5. you are so pretty <3

    The places looks great and so classy, i think i can't afford to eat at that socialite resto.
    Envy you a lotsssss


  6. all those food looks so yummy :D and you look so pretty anyway :)

  7. omg the mousse and pie make me so hungry, well of them do!! you look so pretty ci cekaa <3

  8. looks yummy, I'm starving ^^ You look so pretty ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  9. aaaaa mauuuuuuu TT_____TT *blogwalking*

  10. aaaakk cekaaa imuuut i wanna eat youuu xxx