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Between The Flowers

17 days til 20... oh how i wish i could be 17 forever! BTW it was a lovely morning yesterday, thanks to DIGNITYcloth my kindest sponsor! they gave me this super comfy t-shirt with some bats on the back and  the logo of dignity on my heart. I found a flower cave somewhere here in Milan and as a floral maniac... i really want to stay as long as i could there(if i was a bat i'll choose this floral cave as my home sweet home), surrounded by pink and white flowers felt like heaven, there were a few bees though...
As you can see, the spring has come and thank God Dignitycloth stocked my t-shirt supply up. If you live in a tropical country DO buy this t-shirt, the material is so soft and keeps you rather cool(literally and non literally). Every pieces of their clothes are made by perfection. It's not just some cheap and common designs. All of their designs are so meaningful. For instance the dignity logo on my heart, it reminds me of how should i carry my dignity around, and their material is 100% cotton(i can give you an hour of lecture about cotton if you want, thanks to my fabric and textile class :)) because they have a huge commitment to sell a high quality stuff that can last longer even if you wear it everyday. They sell many things from caps, beanie, bracelets, chino pants(for your boyfriend ladies!) to jackets, etc. They sell most of their things for male customer but their tees are unisex.I love their tee because for me it really defines your lifestyle and who you are as a person. Last but not least, their price is affordable! yeay!You are what you wear and Yes, I'm wearing my dignity....are you?
For more information about their new stuff and promotion kindly click their diamond banner on the left side of my blog or follow their twitter account here
BTW for those of you who wondered where's my second giveaway announcement.. I postponed it for good babies. I'll start my giveaway right after my trip to Spain and Paris(which will starts tomorrow!!). I'll find something nice from Paris and will make up my mind whether I'll give all of the good stuff for one lucky winner or two there! what do you think guys?? ciao til my next post!
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  1. I love spring :) whoaa I will feel so happy for giveaway :)

  2. lover the color on your shorts :D the outfit looks lovely aswell! :D

  3. you look great cii! and i love your sunnies

  4. Desperately want your lilac shades :((((

  5. for two lucky winner please! ci you are so skinny, im in love with your bag <33

  6. cantik bgt. So lovely <3 <3

  7. the t-shirt is really cool c ceka! I can't wait for your upcoming giveawayy. *mudah2an menang* ;P

  8. kacamata nya bagus ci :)
    love your style! <3

  9. love your oufit :)

    please visit my blog : :)

  10. i like the bag, and love that ysl ring!

  11. can't wait for your second giveaway! have fun !
    lovely outfits btw <3

  12. Love your glasses and the
    green bag <3
    I want to be 18 forever lols


  13. Cool photos, and t-shirt ! ^^

    x Satu

    Indie by Heart

  14. wow love this post! and the header!!
    follow each other???

    kisskiss from italy