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Impressed & Obsessed

Successfully abandoned my virtual wonderland for a week, I went to Madrid, Barcelona and Paris for a quick easter break vacation.yeay!btw i bought something nice for one of YOU ! Yes yes yes i'll post my birthday giveaway announcement tomorrow.
My friend took this photos about a week ago before i went to madrid. I was wearing my marni t-shirt and necklace for the first time, i bought that tee for a good cause and the necklace... nuff said. Marni always know how to fulfill my floral appetite.

I'm a fan of marni, but her floral skirt for H&M really reminds me of batik! I refused to buy that purple&gold skirt because i really do believe the real batik skirt is better than that (so sorry mamma Consuelo) then shopatnoona gave me that puffy and shimmery songket skirt.In my honest opinion this skirt is better than the marni one. I never wear any clothes made out of our traditional fabric because of... err... i never find a good ready to wear clothes made out of em. This skirt proof me wrong, i really am impressed by their quality and design,thank you shop at noona! You really made my day *kiss.. I'm proud to be an Indonesian, and readers please, take a look at your local shops to fulfill your obsession!

Shop at Noona sells many amazing-ready to wear items. They have several brand divisions within their original brand which are Noona Ethnic and Noona petite.Click here to shop their limited goods and follow their twitter account for more info and promo only at @shopatnoona .Grab their stuff asap people!
gifted heels by  kloomclogs
Last but not least Happy belated Easter bunnies!



  1. lucu banget rok dan sepatunya! kaosnya jg d sini km pake jd lucu ya. ahahahahaha.

  2. I loooove those shoes!!

    You look fab!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  3. Lovely & cool look! That necklace is divine. ^^ Looking great sweetie !

    x Satu

    Indie by Heart

  4. wowwww the skirt! proud of being an indonesian:)

  5. love how you put the skirt and tee together - luv the skirt!!!
    Would love for you to check out my new post

  6. Beautiful ci! :)

  7. i got that t-shirt too hahahah! and you're soooo lucky to get your hands on the necklace!
    adoring that skirt of yours as well ;) hope you're enjoying your easter break!

  8. duhhhh kece banget sih kamuuuuuu <3

  9. Thank you for your comment! Would you recommend me to buy the litas? :)

    Your blog is awesome! :-* Love your outfit!

  10. wow nice look, inspired my day :).
    mind to follow back?:)

  11. i love your skirt and necklace ci cekaa! you look truly pretty <33