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My 1st hair tutorial : SideCurl

Hi pretty people! I got so many emails, tweets, tweetpic, and comments about my hair. Some of you asked about my signature side curl a few times and i laughed so hard when someone asked me about what hair product i use. Honestly i never dye my hair because my super bitchy and sensitive scalp. I can only use baby shampoo for the whole 2 decades of my life and! i didn't have any hair treatment in Milan because i was too lazy.
Another think to share... Why do i pick "sidecurl" to be my everyday(okay everytime) look?
I always want to curl my hair since i was 5 and my mom curled my hair a few times when i was little with the smallest curler ever (because she used the biggest one)and i end up having a semi-afro look -.-... A few years goes by(okay 10 years) and she bought me a curler and it became my bestfriend ever since.
I also gave you a trick to rock your simplest dress ever in my video!

a few more tips:
-accessorize your-beautiful-self by curling your hair, it'll change your whole appearance trust me!
-IF you don't have a hot roller like mine, use the curling iron! (i'm a lazy ass,  so i pick the hot roller as my bestfriend)
-wait for at least 15 minutes before you unattached your hot roller from your hair

have fun and good luck!



  1. beautiful vid!so the hair style and your outfit.looking gorgeous :)

  2. thanks for your tutorial ka cindy, it helps so much. you are inspiring me :)

  3. great tutorial !
    i love using hot rollers for retro feel curlss..

  4. awesome tutorial! beautiful hair <3

    Jess xo

  5. this post is inspiring!
    following you dear!
    visit mine if you have free time, and follow back if you like :D

    Wulan Wu on

  6. Cekaaa! This one is superb! So inspiring and I think I shud have a try *since my hair is this all the time haha. Thanks for sharing! <3

    crunchy cheese me

  7. gorgeous hair!! and love the shoes <3
    thx for the hair tutorial ci :)

  8. love ur hair tutorial !<3

  9. thanks for the tutorial! will try it hehe :)

  10. your hair is such an inspiration, thanks for the tutorial! x

    Letters To Juliet

  11. wow love your signature hair, ck! so beautiful and inspirational! :)

  12. oh looks so beautiful~
    and your hair is to die for ;)

    how come your hair looks completely healthy when you use hot rollers every now and then ?
    can i get some tips please...

  13. aduh ceka, aku nonton nih video twice!!
    emang dah rambut kamu mah bagus bangetttt T-T

  14. So inpiring, where did you bought hot rollers dear? <3

  15. Inspiring me, wanna try it soon! Thanks for the tutorial ci!
    And aLways love your hair style

    La Fashionette

  16. great tutorial!!! pretty hairrrrr <33333

  17. you look tense at first but the curls are awesome! i love the length of your hair! how do you grow that long?