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A Glimpse of Vogue Fashion Night Out-Milano

Hi everyone, it's been a while since i write something on my blog, i'm back in Milan-Italy now. Need to solve a lot of problems before i can sit quietly and blog. I miss blogging, but as soon as i fixed my internet problem my laptop decides to rest in peace... *crying* thank you for ayu(my friend here in milan) for her kindness, i'm currently editing, typing and posting through her laptop.
Here are a glimpse of Vogue Fashion Night Out in Milan. It was the second most exciting event of the year! I shopped a lil bit and walking through the main street of Milan with a friend of mine. Btw i'm thinking to change my blog's name, layout and everything once i resurrect my laptop. what do you think?


  1. seems to be so much fun there!
    change is great, but idk about the name :) because it's been so you XD

  2. wow! envy you!! yes do some refreshment to ur blog!:D

  3. awww that's awesome to be in fno !
    you're awesomeeeee! changing things once in a while is cool!

  4. shop shop shop.. envy!! bout changing ur blog name. hmm watever it is the most important thing is people love ur style! just make sure its easy to remember ;)

  5. love love your style ka cindy. you always look stunning even in just simple way of dressing :)

  6. i'm so jealous that you can go to vogue fashions night out
    i wish i can go there someday
    whatever you choose later for your blog name, i'm still in love with your blog


  7. freaking jealoouuuuss! and i think HGM already fits you and the blog! ;D

    Letters To Juliet