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Devotion by Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2013 uomo

 I was scrolling through the Pitti uomo and Milan's mens fashionweek recap at school, while trying to focus on my project instead of those amazing menswear. I've been looking at all of the Dolce Gabbana ad campaign and fashion show since my history teacher brought this matter in the class. I salute Dolce & Gabbana for their courage to bring the sincerity back to the fashion world. Their collection seems honest but provocative at the same time. Their love to one of the most important region in Italy "Sicilia" were showed in this collection.The theme of the F/W 2013 collection is "Devotion" , devotion to tailoring, fashion, cut fabrics, details but most importantly, devotion to family, religion and love.
 Their collections was more intimate, sincere and somehow "real". We can finally have a connection with the dreamy fashion world, and PLEASE i need those boy-top full of religious prints in detail ASAP. We will see many women wear em in the future for sure.

One of my most favorite piece from the show is this yellow bejeweled top and a prints of the saint. They keep the cut simple and clean, but the details are beyond amazing. I can't help but notice that all the models were Italian. I wish the Indonesian designers could do this too. what do you think? A collection full of Indonesian models like the old days.
I could see a new wave of trend coming in F/W 2013, velvet made its comeback this year. We will see a lot of not just black but burgundy, grey and dark colored velvet this year instead of the boring regular blazer, prints and fancy materials are the object of desire and i can't wait to see the women collection too! I wish i could gave you the street-style recap but my school work consumed my social life. :(


  1. They all have their own charism and
    they're handsome T.T

  2. dolce gabbana never fails.
    i really adore the first one, the floral blazer & also the embellished yellow top! such a masterpiece


  3. adorable men

  4. indonesian designer with indonesian models :D
    wish it could be happening soon.
    Dolce Gabbana ❤

    waiting for your street style recap! ^^

  5. Love this collection so much, what I would do for a man that dressed in FW 13 Dolce & Gabbana! x

  6. loving those long sleeves top with those religious prints, and they are in gray, just perfect. <3

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