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Mad Thoughts of The Day#1-LDR

For those who asked me to make a new outfit post, this picture above explains how busy i was. i moved to my new apartment last week, i need to go to my friend's apartment(a.k.a ayu) just to asked her to share her internet with me (kisskissayu). I never thought that i have so much things in my apartment til i moved and forced myself to put everything in order(by myself T__T).
I wish mr.B was there when i need him the most to bring all of the heavy things and to give me a back massage or maybe just a simple hug is enough. A lot of people asked me lately about LDR(long distance relationship) through twitter, formspring, email, bbm, facetoface, etc. I'm not an expert in this area, but at least i know how it feels to miss your partner in times when you needed him/her the most and I'm still learning too.  I always talk to myself when i was alone and write all of my mumbo jumbo in my own diary, but since this blog is my one and only diary right now, i will share not only my love for shoes and fashion but also other things that you ask! feel free to ask me anything on formspring ! I will share my recipe to last here in my first new section "Mad Thoughts of The Day"!

>>firstly, if you want to pursue your wildest dream by going overseas and leave your partner alone(better with your dogs) make sure that you're loyal and not a psycho/childish. My first rule in my almost 4 years young relationship is to never break up/vacuum(read: i need to find somebody else time).If you're willing to break up or your boyfriend broke you up(once or once a day it doesn't matter) your relationship is not strong enough, and deep inside you or your partner don't love each other that much. You need to learn to commit or end your relationship then move on.
>>secondly,trust must be earned, this apply for both sides. Your partner needs to earn your trust and vice versa, no cheating, flirting and the most important thing is NO LIE. you need to share everything, you need to open your mind, luckily it's almost impossible or maybe beyond impossible for me to think about other guy because i'm in the fashion school. but remember, once a cheater will become a better liar in the future.
>>Thirdly, you two need something to keep you busy, focus on your school work/job, travel while you can, shop!(okay maybe not), my point is; be busy. improve your talent and inner beauty or maybe outer, update your blog! so maybe your partner can read it too.Learned how to cook the traditional food in the new country you live in, in my case i promise myself to cook some types of pasta. Do your own stuff because this is your "Me time" and this is your time to shine!
>>Last but not least, communicate! i use my bbm everyday, almost every hour. We're not skyping that much because we're both busy. schedule a "meet-up" via skype if you can. Share your life with your partner everyday, mr.B always ask me about where am i(which restaurant, mall, kind of transportation) or what kind of food did i ate just to make me feel loved and don't forget to say happy birthday, good night, love you, etc. Gave your partner a few surprises each year, send post cards, birthday gifts or even snacks via post/DHL/etc. oh oh if you forgot to say something say it, better be late then sorry right!
I think those advices are all i can think of for now, feel free to ask me on formspring about anything and forgive my long mumbo jumbo. Have a nice day!


  1. you are so wise ka cindy

  2. thank you ciii for sharing <3 so gonna try my best doing those things :) xx

  3. aww but it's cute if you can retain LDR :) goodluck and longlast with mr B!

    btw I love your shoes and how you manage your stuff hehe

  4. ouch! you hit the mark!
    we are on the same situation!
    I really miss Bf too, too bad this valentine still forever alone again :(

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  5. Thank you for the advices xx

  6. great post! and love the shoes! :D
    longlast btw :)




  8. ouchhh same situation with me kak :(
    i miss my boyfriend too !!
    yeah it's true we must not tell lie and we must tust each other.
    Thank you for sharing :D

  9. your tips are very easy to be observed and learned of, nice ones! and the last picture is epic.

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