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HGMgirlObsession #MaximumSimplicity

 It's almost 3 a.m in the morning here in Milan, but my heart beats faster and my delicate brains release this urge to make a super quick post because honestly, i just need to talk to someone right now, or my virtual diary maybe. I need to pour out my thoughts then sleep.... 
 My second year in Marangoni is almost over, exam week is coming with the speed of a lightning. My education journey will end next year, but i won't stop there(dear future me read this). My style changes a lot, maybe because of the collection I've been working on, maybe because i need a blank canvas to make a new collection, a fresh one, a non copy-paste and personal one. I need to erase all of my past collection's memories everytime i start a new term. I need to clean my memories fast, but the thing is, every collection of mine is like my new born baby, i love it, i work my ass off for it then a new assignment come and i need to let go of my previous one in a finger snap. Just like that... it's not easy you know, i feel empty most of the time, i feel like i'm in the different place and time with the rest of my friends, i need to be in the future, i need to move forward and never look back, i'm currently working on my s/s 2014 collection, yes 2014.... My school life almost consumed my social life, love life and the most important one, my own life. I'm obsessed with simplicity lately, maybe because i need to simplify things, maybe because life will be so much fun in black and white. I need to be neutral, humble and flexible at the same time. Maybe now i know why all of my favorite designers always wear a black and white or neutral outfit, they need to be neutral and have distances between their current collections and themselves. So that they could observe objectively and professionally. will continue my thoughts after the jump

Photos courtesy of COS,&otherstories,tumblr
 I also need a maximum simplicity in every part of my life right now, to do the things i love, to eat what i want the most, to say something to someone when i need to, to be honest to myself, to accept who i really am, to be fat because i can and someday i'll be thin because i want to. 
Simplify everything, set your priority.
Love:appreciate your love ones, if you love them handle them with care. To say rude and unpleasant things to your love ones are wrong, yes you need to be yourself, to be honest with them, but remember, you need to handle your expensive things with care. If you greet a stranger with a smile, why can't you do the same thing to your love ones? if you can hold your anger and choose to spit out some super thoughtful and delicate words to your friends to prevent a greater problem, why can't you do the same thing when you have a problem with your significant other/family? You need to be grateful when someone risks their future for you, maybe they could get the perfect fairytale companion/children instead of you and just because you know that you're the chosen one and they won't hurt you back, to be rude and insensitive are not the right things to do. I realize that my ignorance level are getting higher and higher these days, a little bit sloppy maybe. my brain is full of school works and all i can thing of is my future career, i feel bad for my lovely mr.B/parents/sisters and i will be a better person just because i want to, i need to, and i can. 
Fashion: I love black white and all of the neutral color for my outfit right now, i feel like a blank canvas and i can set my mood for another collection without wasting a few precious hours to mix and match my daily outfits, it'll be black, white or something with grey. I began to wear what i love and what suits my personality the most, All the pictures above represent my current mood and obsession right now. Everything in greyscale, whether it's dark or light, clean lines or blurry borders, i need to be as simple as i can. I need to be more practical and you will see a lot of neutral color coming on my future posts!
Diet Life: I eat a lot lately, delicious italian and asian food, diet is my second priority right now, i need to be happy and relax i guess. I need to minimize my life problems and almost all of my friends know that weight problem is the biggest problem i've ever have in my life. I pressed the pause button right now, but i need to control myself because to undo the things you have done is harder than to stay the same.
Hair: I want to chop my hair like 30-40cm or more because i really want a short hair, my chubby face is the only thing that stops me from doing what i want.I also miss my black hair, and i need help guys. salmon pink or black?

My brain is empty right now(which is good) because i can sleep for a while now, thank you for letting me doodling in this virtual wonderland, it's been a while and i feel content now, sono sonno ma contenta ragazzi, grazie mille ciao ciao!


  1. nice post kak! keep inspiring! good luck for the exam:)

  2. gewdluck for your future, dear Cindy! you are almost there Darling. I know you'll be shining ! :*

    Myrrh Goldframe

  3. pink salmon please :)