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#HGMgirlObsession "The New Girl"

  Ciao pretty people, I have no class today but the rain and my assignments insist me to stay behind my working desk until the end of May. Im a friend of procrastination though, so I watched a lot of movies and serial films online! Yeay! I finished my game of thrones,pretty little liars and modern family marathon, am stillwaiting for the new episodes of Hannibal but I saw a lot of The New Girl clips a few days ago and I watch it a few times last more after the jump

Zoey Deschanel is a combination of anything perfect in my opinion, the way she dress is captivating, she has this vintage vibe and youthful  appearance, yes shes 33 this year people, she looks like 22-23 years old to me. A lot of movie star dressed a lil bit or too inappropriate, but never zoey. Even in the new girl series her character dressed like herself in daily life, no one can ever pull out those sweet and casual look everyday like her. At least I wont. but here are a few inspiration if you want to dress like TV stars
To make it less boring try to pattern clash your outfit but tone it down the color a bit, pastel will make you look younger and you can mix and match it with everything from basic black or solid color like blue, bright yellow and pink.Color blocking is also a good option,be a new girl like zoey!Be an effortlessly chic babe everyday!
Thats all for today, I need to watch another episode asap!


  1. I always loved these kind of retro styles... sleek and clean but very elegant and also fun! I've once had an idea to have a hair cut like Zoey (with the cute bangs), but after thinking for a while, i decided not to. Cos i don't want to end up looking like an elemantry schooler... sigh