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 Hey pretty people, if you follow my instagram or twitter (follow em now!) you may all know that i cut 15 cm of my hair. yes yes my hair become so thick and acting out like a diva, a lot of people have been asking me to make a video post or hairtips post, what do you think? Do you need one from me? and should i speak in english or bahasa? btw, it's been a week and a half since my arrival in jakarta, i got a lot of welcome gifts from my sponsors and i can't thank them more, i feel loved! i never thought that anybody will actually care whether i'm in indonesia or milan. Maybe.... some of the super strict parents who hold their kids while staring at my hair?!haha, i shocked a lot of people, even my new hair stylist was shock when he first saw my hair, but it's a good thing when the salon owner came to me and asked a few question about my daily hair treatment and my super genius hair colorist in Milan right? I don't care too much about the stares esp if i choose my highest heels. My parents were shock too! i calmed my dad down btw, i promise him to recolor my hair to brown.... someday after all of my business in Jakarta is over. do read more and droll!

uh oh btw i didn't recolor my hair yet! i need to have a few hair treatments first because i feel sorry for my hair, i never visit my salon in milan except for another recoloring or bleaching etc.I don't recommend or push you to do it but please don't care too much about what people think about your hair, if you want(and you can convince your parents) to color your hair in whatever color you want then just do it coz you're free to run! :) I'm def. inspired by my nike free run 5.0 shoes haha...

top: @lacouvertureshop (check out their private instagram acc for super limited/affordable products)
Shoes:Gifted Nike free run 5.0
Bag:gifted Another Stories leather bag
Ciao ragazzi se seguite il mio instagram o twitter (seguire adesso!) si può tutti che ho tagliato 15 cm di miei capelli.Sì sì i miei capelli diventano così spesso e che agisce come una diva, un sacco di persone sono state chiedendo di fare un video post o hairtips post, cosa ne pensate? Avete bisogno di me? E dovrei parlare in inglese o bahasa o forse italiano(HAHA)?  è stata una settimana e mezza dopo il mio arrivo a jakarta, ho un sacco di regali da i miei sponsor e non riesco a ringraziare, mi sento amata! Non ho mai pensato che qualcuno, effettivamente cura, se sono in indonesia o a milano.Forse... alcuni dei super rigorosa genitori che  guardare i miei capelli!haha, mi ha sconvolto un sacco di gente, anche il mio nuovo parrucchiere è stata scossa quando ha visto per la prima volta i miei capelli, ma è una buona cosa quando il salone padrone venne e mi hanno chiesto qualche domanda circa la mia quotidiana cura dei capelli e il mio super genio capelli colorista di Milano giusto? Non mi interessano molto gli sguardi esp se scelgo i tacchi alti. basta parlare in italiano adesso, mi dispiace se ci sono errore(sicuramente ci sara). ciao ciao


  1. OH MY GOD, we want your super duper fabulous hair. love the color. you look super cool :)

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  3. you are your hair!
    and your hair color is cooooolll

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  4. lovee your hairr <33

  5. Wow you look stunning, Cindy! Your hair's so adorable! <3

  6. great outfit, love the fact that you pair up the skort with sneakers...

  7. cool hair ci! to be honest I'm loving your hair and it stands out! You're really brave and it is true, don't mind about what people think about you, I agree with that! and enjoy your stay in Jakarta!

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  8. Helllo cindy! love your daring stunning looks.,,
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  9. haha.. your dad also shock.. what about boki parents? LOL... But i think you got more LOVE than HATE right ;)

  10. Great outfit. I already voted you anyway xx

  11. Gorgeous look! :) Love that skirt, have seen it black and white..But this must be my fave.

    Indie by heart
    (GFC is shutting down - follow me on Bloglovin')

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  13. COOLLLLL!!!<3<3