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Style&Decor Magazine Launching Party

 I went to the launching party of Style&Decor Magazine a few days ago, the title of the magazine says it all. As a big fan of interior design i joined the crowd and enjoy the party, it took place in Kare a super ah-mazing home design store in senayan city 6th floor, jakarta. I really think most of the artistic and jaw dropping pieces they sell are affordable. I just can't wait to grab the first copy of the magazine and wondering which items should i buy for my future home. :) dream big people because you are better than you think you are! and uh btw my heart didn't let me eat the uber cute cupcakes >.< click more and droll!

Image courtesy of Hippiegonemad


  1. waaaah awesome stuffs. love the work of art

  2. Wuaw very beautiful, indeed the furnitures and designs are jaw dropping!

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  3. Loving all of these colorful paintings! :)

    xoxo, Indah