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Where I Belong

 Yes pretty people, i'm back in Jakarta! This 3 months in Indonesia will be my best and busiest months ever. A lot of meetings, meetups,interview and job related stuff to do. Nothing beats the smell of your bedroom and those puffy pillows and bolsters though. I didn't realize that i grew up so fast, i'll be one of the senior students in marangoni this September. Time flies too fast huh? I find my yearbook in my bedroom yesterday, and when i open it for the first time since 3 years ago, i feel blessed.I've changed into a better person now and i'm proud to be a part of something, junior and highschool were not my favorite place on earth but i really wanted to do something to capture all of the sweet high school memories, My friends and i decided to make a yearbook team and i became the head of the yearbook team 3 years ago, it was a life changing experience. I wanted to make an awesome book, a treasure box maybe. We searched for a lot of sponsors and we wanted to make sure that there won't be any bad pics in the book. and oh our yearbook committee got a chance to have an underwater photoshoot, how cool is that???:) OtakEncerDesign is the awesome company who made our dream come true and i just want you pretty people to know that it'll be worth it to trust this company to capture your sweetest moment and make you feel proud years later when you're back to where you belong. :) click HERE to see more awesome yearbooks and read more for more details!

Image courtesy of OtakEncerDesign