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Just got back from a super hectic Sunday, I'm so grateful to have mr.B in my life. He sacrificed his working schedule just to pic me up almost everyday for this past 3 weeks! I know i know he's too good to be true right? here are some of my instagram pics, i update my instagram almost everyday so... do follow @cindykarmoko for more pics! btw *drum roll* tomorrow will be the first day of my internship! Hope i can get through the day, and i never thought that i'll love monday. My 13 years old me wished to have a chance to be an intern at teenvogue headquarter in New York but 8 years later, finally i can make a huge step in my fashion journalistic career. Yes, I'll be an intern at Harper's Bazaar Indonesia starting tomorrow. yeay!!!!
me and my spoiled stepson chiko, the love of my life, my little boss and snack hunter. he's to clever to be true, and he acts like human. :*) *pug mamma talking*
and for those who said i only hang out with my blogger friends, you're totally wrong! these pretty ladies are my highschool bestfriends, i also have friends who didn't give me any permission to post a pic of them here. so... please say Hi to me if you spot me somewhere, maybe I'll bite you if I'm too hungry *jk*.
Last but never least, please vote for me guys, you can vote once everyday and i really need a miracle to win the fimela styleseeker contest it'll end soon so every vote counts! JUST CLICK HERE and search for the girl in blue hair(me!) in page 2, click the "vote for this contestant" button and vote through your PC/Ipad/macbook. grazie mille guys *kisskiss*
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  1. Wow you look so rad with the curled hair in the first photo! <3
    anyway, congratulations ! glad to know that you can be an intern in such prestigious place. I hope tomorrow will be a good starting point for your internship days ahead!

    xoxo from Japan,

  2. U look so cute with ur curly hair <3 Loving ur blog so much kak...

  3. Love your curled hair and those minions!! <3 <3 <3

    I've always dream to work at Harper's Bazaar!!! Good luck with the internship!

    Mind to visit and follow my blog? MICH
    xoxo, MICH

  4. omg, your hair so gorgeouss!! <3 <3
    wish you good luck for the fimela contest :):)

  5. your hair is beyond perfection omg<333 voted for you already! good luck kak :)

  6. Cute!
    I really like what you did here. wish you the best of luck to you. im going to vote now.
    Thanks for visiting my blog,Take me to Tarah

  7. Nice hair x

  8. Great photos, and love the hair and the colour. Good luck with the internship! :)