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Sonja's birthday

 I can't believe that it's almost 1 month since my pretty sonja's birthday bash! First of all fank choo sonja for inviting me and Ninotchka's cakes are the bestttt. I never skipped sonja's birthday since she became my partner in crime, our long distance relationship was almost over. I'm so proud of her, she's maybe a year younger than me but her achievements are bigger than her petite body. happiest birthday(again) sonya! You know how much i love choo(and your mom ahahah).
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 Chiko is the star of the day! or maybe everyday!
My birthday present to sonja
image courtesy of Sonia Eryka & Cindy Biantoro
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  1. nice photos! looks like you had so much fun there. looking forward to your next post kak! xx

  2. looks so fun! you look younger with the short black wig :D

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  3. look so much fun!
    loving your dreamy hair as ever, Cindy!

  4. Keep this going please, great job!

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