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Kenzo Studio Store Media Gathering

 First of all thank you Kenzo Indonesia for the invite! I went to the Kenzo Press&Media Gathering last week with mr.B and Ayu(my photographer in milan/classmate) you can visit the store in the 1st floor of Plaza Indonesia and their collection is still fresh + fully loaded!! The store design is more intimate, since it's a studio store the space are smaller than the store in Milan(or any european store) that i usually visit but don't you underestimate the power of a small space, i can see all of the items right away in all colors and my shopaholic soul was on fire that day! Thank God Mr.B was there.
There's also the menswear collection!So ladies, your boyfriend will have his own shopping time too! If you're single, don't choo worry because honestly i also love the menswear collection, tomboy is the new black! I think kenzo's collection is more affordable than any high end brands in Jakarta + the color,cutting and fabrics are perfect for us asians in the tropical country! read more and droll!

 The special thing besides the bold red photobooth was the exclusive Kenzo App! Oh i really wish i could steal the app and download it to my ipad. I trust Ayu to decorate our photos and Mr.B also took a picture of us with the super lovely and friendly Public Relations of Kenzo.
 Image courtesy of HippieGoneMad&KenzoIndonesia
Last but not least, the result of our photobooth pics.Since the theme was inner Jungle i wear my super cute(lol) serpentine toybag and i was still into Kenzo's last collection so i decided to wear the patternized black and white can see more pics of my outfit and Mr.B HERE . and uh oh don't forget to re-follow my blog via bloglovin' by clicking the button below!

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