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 It's been a super busy week for me, changed a lot of plans and postponed a lot of meetings, i really am sorry for the delayed outfitpost to all of my sponsors because i always choose the best products and it's not about the free stuff, i want all of my readers to know that our local product can compete with the other international products that i usually wear. I'll never wear something that i don't like and i'm a lil bit perfectionist sometimes, i want myself to feel good when i wear something, as y'all know my mood was and always be the mastermind of my outfits.+ quality is better than quantity after all.For instance, this one! okay okay the title says it all, or maybe the patterns of my outfit? read more and beware! i'll spill half of my heart out in this post!

 After 9 months of LDR(the second nine months), finally i can spend my holiday, meetings, meetup and almost everything with mr.B. He's in the happiest state right know i guess, he doubled his dose of jokes and silly pranks. I think you'll know that you love someone when both of you can laugh at each other or maybe a hurtful truth like "babe you're fat, let's hit the gym with me" is necessary sometimes. I gained 6 kg and i learn it the hard way because everybody always say the things i wanna hear, except mr.B. He always bring the best out of me(*coughcough). It's been 4 years(+ 1 month) and we're getting closer than ever. In my opinion,Love is a teamwork, the team consist of two people, no more, no less, no second guess! I learned a lot of things from my current relationship and if you or your partner are not willing to learn something from each other, move on ladies you deserve better. Be happy when he achieves something big, even bigger than yours and be there for your partner when he/she needed you the most. I used to be super demanding, i had a list of "what my man should do in our relationship", throw your lists away and say hello to reality, your boyfriend is not Jesus ladies and you're not a saint or one of the Victoria Secret Angels! In this "game" the only rule is to love each other like you love yourselves, be loyal and super honest. Add a few dose of patience, humor,acceptance + a manual book to be tough. *inhale*
I ain't a love expert, i'm just getting older i guess.... I didn't want to spend the rest of my life with a douche bag and cry for the rest of my supposed to be wonderful life. I want to be happy... and there are a lot of roads to happiness. For all of you who cried a lot lately, try to discuss it with your partner, be honest and if he/she still makes you cry(for the same reason), move on. For those who are single, prepare yourselves, present yourselves well, boys will always be boys, don't  be a hypocrite, if you want a good looking partner, you should be a good looking lady too! A diamond won't share it's sparkle with a stone simply because it can't.Your cover defines who you are, it's not about how expensive your dress is, wash your hair! Use perfumes, clean your face etc. It's not for her/him, but love yourselves first so that you can share the loves to everybody else.*exhale*
 Photographed by IvanvictorlucasPhotography
shorts: @Lacouvertureshop(instagram)
shoes:@Chielstore(instagram), line:Chiel_Shoes
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  2. wow, we really love this post. nice words Cindy :)

    lots of love,

  3. Nice post! I've been with my bf for 5+ years, and our relationship is growing great :)
    In the end, pretty faces or expensive things won't go anywhere in a relationship. Loving and understanding each other definitely do!

  4. This is a cool post. You write it well, and easy to understand.. haha..Welcome back to Jakarta btw..:D didn't have the chance to say it..:)

    btw i invite you to join my first international giveaway.


  5. super in love with you hair!! <3
    and the shoes! LOVEZIT!

  6. omg your heart shorts and cut out oxfords are simple with an unexpected twist - lovely!

    check out my latest outfit post on blog! :)

  7. cutee outfits!!! love your shoes so muchhh <33