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One Step Closer

OMG, my heart beats too fast right now, thank you so much FIMELA and TRESEMME ! I was super hopeless and sad when i saw my votes a few days ago but thank God, He makes all things possible. I admire some of the finalists and i saw them as the "IT" girls out of those 3627 competitors. Still can't believe that we're in the same group now and the excitement won't stop here fo sho. We will have an interview this saturday then the judges will deliberate(tyra banks moment). Thank you thank you thank you guys for the votes and everlasting supports, all of choo pretty people who cheered me up with "i know you'll be the finalist" eventhough my votes were super low compared to the other top 7 finalists. I feel loved by all of you my readers, friends,jusged and super kind strangers. I'm nothing without your daily supports and even prayers *crying*. See you on Saturday ka andien, sonia and anas! I promise i won't let fimela and tresemme down! ciao ciao


  1. Congratulations <3 goodluck with the interview! You can do it!


  2. I already think that you're gonna be into the top 10 ever since the first time I saw you posted that picture!! Seriously, you got the style. Best of luck for you!! :)

  3. great ! good luck ! you rock it !
    Maybe we follow each other!?
    Follow me, Let me know & i´ll follow back ;-D