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Fimelahood &Tresemme StyleSeekerHunt to NYFW finale

 Hello everybody! First of all thank you for the loves, supports, prayers and words of encouragements! I love you all so much! Last saturday (27 July 2013) i went to fimela office to join the other 9 finalists in order to compete for a return ticket to newyork fashion week *scream* with sonia , anas and ka andien! *faint.... The first dresscode was fuschia, i wore my H&M collection top and high slit skirt + my vintage blazer as my lucky charm. Yes yes i didn't wear any makeup or do something to my hair. After the fimela team took pictures of us, we went to the makeup room and we're ready for the makeup challenge!
 The first challenge was the makeup challenge, i forgot to bring my foundation but thank you Luxola you saved my life!!! love love love the CC cream, and the brush is ah-mazing! Lucky me, the cc cream blended perfectly with my skin tone, :) and yeayness!!! the result was not bad no?Read more and droll!
 my hairstyle challenge!! yeay yeay yeay, i've tried my best to keep smiling!! forgive my silly face guysss >.<. i used my mom's super old hot curler btw, i remember it was the only thing that i want after i got my first boots with kitten heels when i was 9 years old. I wanted to have my mom's fab curls and finally i can show you all that my little dreams do come true :*)... curling my hair fabulously in front of a big mirror, but this time for tresemmeID :)...
Here are the finalists! The coolest among 3000++ people.>.< i miss y'all pretty ladies! I met 9 amazing girls and a few inspiring people!
Remember the fabric that i made in Milan? I really wanted to wear my design  for a super special event, and i decided to wear it on the judging day!The judges chose "Steal the runway thunder" as my theme. So here is my design :) I made the sketch, prints, pattern and sew the dress by myself, i trusted a sartoria in Milan to sew the blazer for me. Will you buy my designs in the future? :*)
I was super nervous but i tried to answer the questions as fast as i can, the questions were a lot harder than i thought. *fingerscrossed*
*Tears of happiness* Thank you Tresemme,Luxola,and Revlon! uh oh and the 500k voucher from MAP :*)
Last but not least thank you so much my one and only Mr.B, not only for waking up at 5 a.m to pick me up but also for your everlasting support and love. You're the first one that believe a lot of people will read my super boring life stories and the last one to judge my decisions esp. my daily outfits.
uh oh thank you so much Fimela and TresemmeID for the super wonderful experience! Can't wait to see the result tomorrow *kisskiss*


  1. Wish you luck, Cindy!
    I voted you few times
    hopefully, you can be the winner :D

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. Good Luck! I really like your blog and your personality, your daily fashion, everything is inspiring! Hopefully you got to go to NYFW <3

  3. I adore your outfit, looks like an awesome event! x

  4. so pretty :))

  5. awww what a great experience!!!! love your dress and cape btw <3
    instagram: @michelleothman

  6. Oh my god! Your masterpiece is awesome. It's like the piece I used to see on website about stylish outfit during fashion week!!! Let me see if I can buy your design in the future :):):) Good luck with your fashion career.


  7. I'm even nervous just by thinking about the result. Hoping that the result will turn out well <3
    You're so inspiring and tough girl. You deserve the best things in your life xx

  8. cici super cantik!!! <3
    I willlll buy your design for sure! super kern ci!
    gatau kenapa pas ngeliat dapet feel vintage tapi ttp modern! me likey!
    Best of luck! <3

  9. so much fun!! =`)


  10. Ampunn cc you're so pretty!Mirip sandra dewi ><
    The dress is also beautiful><
    Wish you luck!! :D

  11. congratulation cindyy for winning the competition <3<3 you deserve it and i love your design of your outfit :) so cool !

  12. Beautifull dress! Where I can buy that one?

    1. I just buy some dress like that at Zalora. Now they have special deal, discount 15%. I get this info from Save my money ^^