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Wait for me NYC...

I believed that all of us were born to shine, no matter what other people say, they can't touch our dreams anyway. Some called me stupid because i love fashion too much, some said that I'm too fat for fashion but in the end dreams do come true people and God is able. Be prepared because you'll never know! I was super excited when FIMELAHOOD and TRESEMMEID chose me as one of their 10 finalists. I was super determined to show the best of me no matter what, my mom lent me her almost vintage hot roller, it was super old but it's my dream hot roller since i was 5 years old. 
I also chose my dream clothes, the clothes that I designed! I designed the prints, patterns, and sew the dress by myself(it's a part of my final exam from Marangoni btw) and i was super happy to hear a lot of good reactions!!
 I never thought my hobby was useful until we got a surprise pop quiz about fashion. I always think if i want to work at a big fashion company i should probably know the name of my future boss and of course i have another super big dream(drumroll) i want to dress the streetstyle star with my own design(amen).
31 August was the busiest day of my life, i worked as an intern at Harper's Bazaar Indonesia (another story i owe you guys). I thought uchiet (my super fab new friend and competitor at the judging day) will be the winner because i admire her so much( yes uchiet yes!!) , but FIMELAHOOD and TresemmeID made my lifetime dream came true!!!! I'll be in Newyork with Sonia , Anas and ka Andien!!! yeay yeay yeay... Let other people belittle you with their mean words but never let go of your dreams, be prepared, be the best of yourselves and someday your wildest dream will come true!!


  1. congratzz cindyy :D :D
    wish u nothing but the best and enjoy NYFW !! <3

  2. Congrats - thats really amazing!!:)
    And love the outfit you created - the print and colors are amazzzing!!:)

  3. Yeaay !! You deserve it, Cindy! You've been struggling so hard :)
    So proud of you and of course I'm waiting your NYC stories ! <3


  4. Congratulations Cindy! You totally deserve it dear :D


  5. you look fabulous Cindy!
    you nailed it
    well, dream comes true!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  6. you're not fat :) they're just jealous. congrats and enjoy NY!

  7. Congratulation, ci Cindy! Yes, nobody can't touch our dream :)

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  8. Congratulations!! Hope you have an amazing trip!

  9. Awwww so glad this worked for you! You always seem like you'd attain your dreams regardless of the haters, I'm so glad for you! :DDD

    frum Likkie,

  10. congratulations! <3 this post really inspires me to keep believe in my dreams and work hard to achieve it!
    can't wait for the story about NYFW in this blog :D

    Diary of a Dreamer

  11. Love the amazing collection :)


  12. That is awesome! Congratulations! Have a wonderful time in NYC ^^