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Dare to Dream

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  I thought i only have one post left for you guys about my journey in NewYork but i decided to make a special post for my special dress. I talked to my long lost junior high school friend yesterday, junior high is such a blur right now. I remember some things about junior high but thanks to my brain, i erased a lot of painful memories i guess. I used to envy the pretty and cool girls in school, in my mind their future will be brighter and happier than mine. I used to hate my face, body, my not so genius brain and basically i  hated my life. I asked God a few times back then. Why do i have to born this way? Can i be a little bit prettier, richer, smarter? Why can i be the most outgoing and friendly person in school? Why Cindy? The 13/14 years old me was super ungrateful and if i had a chance to hug her and say "everything's gonna be alright, less than 10 years from now you'll see" i would love to! I wanted to become a psychologist back then. I love to listen and talk to people and oh i love writing! I'm such a melancholic person, all of my clients will be my bestfriends and I'll be the one who cry and forced them to lend me their shoulders.I realized i didn't need to be a psychiatrist to help people.
Long story short....7 years has passed, fashion changed my life and i could be the person i was meant to be because of fashion. I found my way to love myself more, to accept who i am, to be the best of myself for ME! I am different and everybody should be unique don't you think? When you finally know how to be yourselves and dare to dream instead of hating your current situation/life, eventually life will love you back, it'll give you the biggest high five ever! Every person has a purpose, dare to dream and work hard to make your dreams come true. A little step each time, but remember!you can't never find what you really love without loving yourself first. I'm still trying to love myself too! My dream was to help others, to make everybody happy and to change others lives. I don't know how but to be a superhero sounds cool to
I remember i created HippieGoneMad as my diary, as an untouchable world where i can write whatever i want, whenever i want and I'll pretend as if somebody will listen(well, thank you guys for visiting my virtual wonderland) I love to pour my heart out this way.
Back to the topic....New York was my biggest dream ever, my goal was to design my own dress and walk around my favorite cities with it. I was inspired by the movie "Sisterhood and the traveling pants" and finally i did it! My dress traveled from Milan-Jakarta-Newyork, three cities that change my whole life and i hope i could change others who live in these cities too. I'm grateful and i really want all of my readers to know that each of you are special and you're meant to be the agent of change. You're precious but you need to dream as wild as you can and work even harder, we're created to have our own journey. Be tough and be kind to one another. Forgive yourselves and everybody who hurt your feelings, like the Mean Girls movie said. "Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George's life definitely didn't make me any happier" just replace Regina George with a name of a person you hate. ha! I hope you could find the lights at the end of your life tunnel pretty people. Dare to dream!Ciao ciao.

Photographed by my loves Anas and Sonia
Dress: Designed and made by me!
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  1. very inspiring! :')
    please comment or check my blog, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE:'(
    Thanks a lot! :)x


  2. Cindyyy !!! Thank you so much for this post . I really really adore the way you encourage your readers and your post does make me optimist towards what I'm doing now. I'll never stop chasing my dream. Thank you, you're such a great inspiration. May success be upon you ;)

  3. it's an amazing post! love the way you write to explain what you feel.
    Yes, that's the reason why i study psychology right now, it feels special when we can help others :)
    anw, your dress is gorgeous <3

  4. deeeeeep and inspiring! <3<3
    suka banget dressnya ciii, printnyaaa <3

  5. Oh God, after reading this post I just took a moment and realized why I started focusing in fashion and art, I've always thought that fashion blogging would be a distraction of self-loathe, and Ive always thought that fashion bloggers are just, rich-perfect people who sits on runway shoes and have their instagram stalked all day and night, and after I thought about it again, this untouchable diary really is one of my runaways, I remember I used to write my worst traumas on my blog, and after really reading this post again, I found this hole that's been really missing all this time, it's that I actually don't love myself enough, I don't feel comfortable in it, I don't like the way I look at all, and after really reading the perception of the young Cindy, I know that from now on, I can tell myself that ill be in wonderful places one day, living, dreaming, and loving, really being a form of the virtue I cling to all this time, the person I really want to be as an artist. Thankyou, Cindy, for inspiring and encouraging your readers on living, New York does change lives! I hope you're living your dreams in Milan above amazing shoes!:)

    Anyways, I really love the play of mint and yellow with all of the pink ombre going on, it looks chic, street, and just cool in every single way! (tbh I kinda wished you wore crazy heels on NYFW)

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  6. so inspiring ci ><
    I also envy those with smaller body than mine ;p
    I love your dress so much. wish you be a great designer someday :D

  7. your post, so inspiring..and i just can't congrats you enough, you are so blessed and your dress of your project just dream is already achieved and succeed, hopefully your another dream can be coming true too :3

  8. great story under outstanding outfit!
    fabulous girl in New York <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  9. So inspiring and breath me another hope. I'm still struggling now, and sometimes I desperate. But reading your makes me believe that everybody deserve chance to the higher stage :")

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room