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Twenty One

 I was mesmerized by the view of Manhattan thanks to Jesse our tour guide of the day and Anas who photographed these amazing pictures.Thank God Anas managed to take the biggest pic we had for the liberty statue.We didn't have the time to touch the liberty so jesse took us to this pier to see the liberty from afar i hope we'll be in NYC to touch the liberty statue one day amen!...btw I found my new baby boots in a thrift store near our apartment. The boots fitted me perfectly and 10 minutes later, after Sonia and Anas persuaded me to take em, i finally find my 21 cm SOLEmates, it's so perfect for me right? since i'm currently 21 years old? no? *lol*. Btw i was super obsessed with the skort so bare with me alright, this will be my last post with skorts i promise!!
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 Jesse our tour guide and us!btw i took these two pic from Sonia's blog >.<
 Immage courtesy of Anastasia Siantar ,Sonia Eryka and Hippiegonemad!
Shoes:Thrift Store


  1. OMG, you're still 21??? i thought you have same age with me >,< ( read : 23 )
    i couldn't imagine how tall you are with those boots, since i saw your pict with sonia and anaz you are taller than them without that boots. and i'm envy with youuuu!!! really love that boots. but never thought will buy those boots to be use in Bali anyway :))

  2. OMGGGG love your boots!

    xoxo, MICH
    instagram: michelleothman

  3. Suppa awesome perfect boots! Btw, I love that the NYC text on your tee match your hair color. Hehe. :D

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  4. You rule !! Stunning and cool as always, girl ;)

  5. your boots is so tall! makes you more like a model :)

  6. You looked happy! So envy, i want to go there too someday...*Q* and those shoes are cool!


  7. OMG! those boots fits you perfectly! <33

  8. Asik banget ci ceka! >.<
    bootsnya bagus <3

    Thank you for the birthday wish anyway~

  9. simply yet so edgy and rock <3

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  10. super cool boots !!!! are they pleaser USA ?
    how tall are you with them on ????
    thanks !!!