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Gucci S/S 2014 : Sport Luxe Galore

My mom always told me to dress correctly for every event.No shorts, tees, sweatpants or any sports attire during family gathering. I remember how angry i was when my mom forced me to wear an itchy flowery ball gown back when i was 5 years old to my uncle's wedding. For a sporty kid like me i really wished i could wear my sport outfit to an elegant event.Time has changed, a lot of bold, strong and fearless women graced the billboards and big brand's campaign. When the demand to feel strong but elegant at the same time arise, Frida Giannini answered it with  a beautiful, vibrant and bold collection of Gucci. The women of gucci were strong, sexy, seductive and spontaneous at the same time. Frida took the sporty looks into a whole new level of luxury. With the geometric lines, pattern, embellishments and see through fabric; the gymnastic shapes will be a jaw dropping outfit for a red carpet events or parties. Read more and droll!
This was by far my most favorite bags of Gucci ever, the fringes give you a touch of glam in very movements. Are you ready to grab those bags next summer?


  1. Beautiful looks! Gucci looks so easy to wear and comfortable! Stunningly sexy as always with Gucci. Love their stuff.
    Great detail shots!
    likkie xx,

  2. nice post
    craving for all those bag :(

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  3. SO NICE!

    Xoxo, M.