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Color Blast!

My dear friend Ayu Ananto took these pics after we went to the Italian Fashion School Exhibition and ulala love my bejeweled earrings from PiccolinaShop and now sharing time!!! I'm addicted to a lot of colors lately and if you see my picture library inside my laptop you'll see a lot i mean A LOT of white images, houses and interior stuffs. I never thought that I'll love white so much or even pink! My hair color changed me i guess or maybe I'm a late pink lover, everybody will love pink at least once right? IDK what i'm talking about but you're about to see a lot of words after you click the read more button

Photographed by Rufina Ayu Ananto
Top: Forever21
Dress(worn as skirt)&Shoes:Zara
Earrings: PiccolinaShop
Have you ever tried to fit in into a certain group/community of people but no matter what you do(or not do), those people reject you from the first time you say hello? HELLO!!! You're not alone darlings, i remember how embarrassed and sad i was when i tried to be the first one to say hello or even smile(one of the reason i never smile or look at anybody in the face when they say hello to me) and all i could see was the "who are you little piece of nothing?" face. i know RIGHT! *grouphug*

You should know that it took a lot of courage and humbleness to be the first one who start a conversation with strangers, but have you ever thought that maybe their group were full already? They already have too much problems with the group they're in right now, or maybe too much fun. They're in their comfort zone, they're like a fully packed crayola box. They found all of the colors already and you need to find your own crayola box too!

Never tried to change your color for the sake of some cool group's compliment, never try to please everybody because you can't! Even God isn't loved by everybody right? I'll tell you something that you could do, no matter how mean people are you can always be kind to everybody! Others will need you anyway if you can be the best of yourselves, nobody likes lazy or smelly people but everybody loves the kind one. Remember to know when to say NO. Because some people were born evil i don't know why. 

Back to the colors, trust me you will find your bestfriend, clique and hopefully soulmate in the future. The 13 years old me never thought that i would find all of them but hey... People changed, we're smart and we learned from our mistakes. If you think that you're born in the wrong family, race or maybe time. You're wrong! I always said this to myself and a few times to my readers "bloom where you're planted" maybe you're the agent of change? Maybe you're the perfect seed who was too afraid to bloom just because you're a late bloomer or maybe you're just to lazy to be the best of yourselves. Yes some people were born perfect, maybe you've seen them before somewhere, they called themselves the "Victoria Secret Angels". I was not lucky enough to be one of them, but  i was lucky to even be here, my mom almost lost me when i was in her belly just because she didn't know that i was there.Thank God i was born in a capital city of Indonesia and not in a small unknown village in Africa where baby girls were meant to be slaughtered, thank God i could have an internet access now and you too! If you could read this post then.... You're lucky to be you :) enough said ciao ciao and see you on my next post!


  1. OMG, that bag is fantastic!!
    Great photos!!:)


  2. #noted i love your thoughts and i feel you too! i've experienced that "who are you little piece of nothing?" kind of face. but as we all know, life must go on. with or without 'them', you'll alive and 'bloom' in your own way. just be thankful because you are who you are :)
    love your top btw!

  3. I don't know exactly what's the connection between your post's title with whatever you're saying here, but I absolutely agreed with most of what you said. Anyway, lovely the BAM sweater and the sequins!


  4. so glad that I found I'm not the only one who took a lot of courage to be the first one who start a conversation..
    Oh, you're so BAM anyway :p
    gorgeous.. love love ur bag either <3

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  5. yess i felt that way too :( and thanks for reminding (in a good way) that actually we can't please everybody :)
    anyway, love your outfits especially the skirt which i think become a trend right now <3<3

  6. such a nice pink accent on our outfit, cici! :)

  7. I love your words. You're right. Being ourselves is sometimes and somehow hard just because we want to be accepted in a clique. hehehe :)

  8. OMG great post! just to share, I have the same problem with you. I always feel exhausted when it should stay in a group because I look too petite and not able to do anything in their eyes. but I always try to continue to be the best, even though I only got rations doing trivial things in a group.

  9. as always you managed to write splendid post based from your own experience. it's a delight and i'm always curious what's your next stories will be. it takes a courage to share, and you, my dear, is the bravest of them all. you surely have bloomed! and that's a cute outfit! coveting the sweater rn. thanks for sharing xx

  10. I bet whoever is going all like ew how are you are not the ones worth, they're basically going all like umm we're the B community so you might not wanna sit with us like wtf right! I adore how you always use basic colors like black or white and adding a bit of edge towards it, matching with pink this time, it looks so clean and it pops your ombre!
    "Maldivian Gypsy", a Fashion Portfolio shot in the Maldives now on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE

  11. I love this post! You got the message cross! I thought the same and i'm doing it everyday. It's not worth it to try and change myself only to be accepted in one group. You will be exhausted sooner or later. And it's not a healthy way to grow and treat yourself.. I also know the feeling whenever i tried to open the conversation first (with strangers). LOL~ anyway, i really enjoy this post of yours! :D and viva pink! :D

  12. love your post, your bag, your hair .
    you look cool as usual ;)

  13. lovee youurr baaag ciiiiii aaa >.<
    naksir berat :(

  14. great post!! Its hard for another woman to change their hair colour as extremeas you, but you did it and so so so adorable. And i'm curious how you feel after u change it.
    And i know how hard to start conversation with stranger.. Im kinda hate it, but as a human we have to do however the situation.. I like your post..
    It will be nice if we can follow each other.. please kindly visit and comment on my blog..

    with love
    Bella Luna

  15. amaziing outfits kak : )


  16. thank you for those words, it's really inspiring.
    keep inspiring, I adore you! :D

  17. never ever tried to please someone just to fit in. i agree with you and yes i am huge fan of yours ka cindy!

  18. Yes some people were born just to be evil... so we can learn that we shouldn't be around them! :)
    Anyway, totally agree with the statement "everybody will love pink at least once"! I've been into pink too lately! Planning to color my hair to pink! But do you have any post or video about your hair treatment? Because if I did color my hair, this would be the first time ever that I color my hair, and I'm afraid my hair would be damaged post-coloring, so I do need a tip from the expert! :)

    Dinda Nayaredhanty