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Black Shoes are my guilty pleasure i have a bunch of those pretty babies in black already, but what can i say? grab this 50% off babies off the rack, it's super majaaah right? I don't care about what people say about my obsession towards shoes, i love them, i bought them and i took extra care of my precious babies. Stupid, shallow or materialistic, admit it ladies... deep inside you really wanna look good in those babies. You should dream more and buy a pair of your own rather than calling all of the fashion lover as a materialistic groups of people. My shoes took me to places i've never been before, i met a lot of important and lovely people because of fashion(uh oh i went to NewYork because of fashion too *cough), btw I love high heels and tall girls need heels too(say amen ladies!!)! I never dressed for anybody else but me, so why should i wear flats or kitten heels to make an anon feel good about him/herself? Darling idk who you are but i love you anyway, please love yourself too, thank you for dedicating a few minutes of your life for me. and dear readers.... Are you ready for my next giveaway?  or should i wait til christmas? 



  1. AGREE! I'm also tall but i don't care! I keep wearing sky heels ! Even so many people say "you don't need heels, you're tall already. People will look at you because you'll look like a giraffe or tree (wth...?)". I mean so what ? I'm addicted to them, and you're right. Tall and being eyecatching are good, ryte ? Why do we have to wear flats or kitten heels just to pleased others ? High heels are magical ! Loveeee your new black babies btw !!

    Titany Shintamurti

  2. super fabulous shoes! <3

  3. love your post and the pretty shoes<3

  4. Sepatunya kerennn!!! I will always need more shoes as well hahaha

  5. oh may gawdddd.... that booties.... I needdddddddd!!!