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Current Obsession: Royals

Can't stop listening to this song since the first day i found this video on youtube, i love to hear the song while i almost cried searching for my muse and inspirations for my final collection here in Marangoni, wish me luck guys!! I really love lorde's honest lyrics and of course her voice!
We can never be royals... yes, we don't have to be a part of the royal family or rich and famous ones to be happy right? In my honest opinion, each of us will get a certain levels of happiness or even problems and flaws that God thought we deserve or capable to handle. I really am sorry for the lack of post lately guys, i have some thoughts of shutting down my blog lately because of my super hectic school life, but i'm still searching for the best solution here *virtual hug*. i'm in my third /last year here in marangoni and my super kind classmate and photographer too! We're kinda  busy right now but i promise i'll post something next week :) 

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