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Mi Manchi

I've been longing to wear this dress since the first day i saw it on my mailbox, thank you so much Paulina Katarina for this ah-mazing dress, i want the dress to be super loose so i request a size larger i feel like a true hippie when i wear this outfit LOL. Thank you so much for your kindness to send this lovely dress all the way from Bali.
It's been almost 2,5 years since i first came to Milano, I don't know why but i guess it's God's will for me to end up in Milan. I love Italy and europe but most of all, i love to learn different language because sometimes my own language (indonesian) can't describe the way i feel, or the way i should feel about something properly. In this case, I Miss you or aku kangen kamu... Mi Manchi is the italian word for that, mancare(baca: mang-ka-re) is the origin of manchi, it means to lack. It's so poetic i swear i could cry sometimes #PMSRage. 
Have you ever miss someone you really really love and you feel empty?or you can't function properly without them, because... you're not complete, your love ones are parts of yourself, and when distance keeps you apart to miss is not a proper word for what you feel right? 
What or Who do you miss right now? For me it's definitely mr.B, chiko and my family. Honestly i also miss my younger-self. I really wish i could teach her with some letters from the future, I missed a lot of amazing moments, family time and unforgettable experience because she was too afraid to be herself, i wish the younger version of me was more confident, sweeter, smarter, memorable, normal... I wish the 5 years old me didn't eat too much because before she knew a thing or two about diet , she had been the victim of bullying. She became super defensive, easily irritated, envious, over protective, longing to be loved and of course she hated herself more than anything. I realize how defensive i was sometimes and i choose my friends not because i feel superior but because i don't want to be hurt, I wish i had more courage to trust someone without expecting the worst at the beginning,that's why when i saw the courage bracelet from NERDMOB_Inc , it reminds me of the courage i should've have. Mean words are traumatic, and gentle words, sooth... Maybe you're just joking when you said horrible things to someone, but what doesn't kill you , will destroy you mentally. Words are the most powerful weapon you could have and don't give me those innocent looks, you know who you are, i remembered some of my mistakes and i'm not proud of it, it hits me when someone said that they wanna be as successful as i am a few days ago via  , i'm not proud of myself , not yet... My ambition to achieve big things will never stop and if your dreams come true in a short period of time then you should set your standard higher. You need to learn to appreciate those who stick with you from the start and smart enough to ignore those who don't deserve to have a place in your life, so when i ask you cosa o che ti mancha?  What/who you lack in your life are the one that matters. btw pardon if my typo or screw up tenses i didn't sleep at all when i made this post and by the time i need to click publish i was asleep at 9 a.m in the morning -.-. ciao pretty souls, be kind to one another!
Photographed by Kaymori
Outerwear :Vintage


  1. you look simply stunning as always <3

  2. I just LOVVVVE your pink hair!!! And such a fantastic outfit!!!! And gorgeous photography!!! WOOWOW!!! Have a fab weekend babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. omg c cekaa you look like a supermodel! Your hair, body, and outfit are soo gorgeous! hihi <3

  4. gorgeous you with that lovely dress!

  5. that pink hair is sick, make everything adorable.
    loving your outfit very very much :D

  6. your posts always encourage me :D
    great outfit as ever ! <3

  7. simple but very gorgeous. your hair always live up everything :)

  8. OMG the outfit and the post are adorable and inspiring:) love your hair as always<3

  9. you are so inspiring. Love your outfit so much, simple&stunning :)

  10. always love what you write.. really inspiring me!
    and youre so gorgeous ci cekaa!! love youu

  11. awesome and dangerously sexy dress <3 I love it, you look like a beautiful & modern hippie ;)

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  12. your hair look amazing, lovely outfit!

  13. wow! I really love the colors <3
    gorgeous hair...........

  14. Super dramatic outfit. and also elegant! Keren kak Cindy :)