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Pink Coat

I'm in the middle of my hectic school schedule right now, so bare with me people, as y'all may know or see... obviously i changed my hair color(what? again???) yes and no matter what do you think or tell me to do; i always find a way to be me... I'm obsessed with white and the idea to take as much picture as i could while i'm still young with this white hair and make this blog not only as my visual diary but also a time machine! So... hey future me! You rocked white hair already when you're 21!
I'm not entirely sure what i'm supposed to feel right now, i love my pink coat so much but after i saw my pics over and over again, this coat doesn't have any slimming effect at all, but whatever... i'm fat and you just need to deal with it. Thank you so much pretty people for your super responsive comments in my instagram about my new hair color. Thank you for accepting me for who i am, i feel loved... I'm always be the weird kid since junior high, and i remember i used to have a big zara jacket with pink stripes and it's super duper oversized! I thought i could hide my fat belly under the jacket but one day my friends told me that the jacket makes me look even fatter. Ah i need to stop writing and start doing my homework! but thank you so much once again readers, friends, strangers and haters... I feel as if it's okay to be a freak, to be different and most of all to be me... and please i didn't recommend any of you to bleach your hair roots, it hurts like hell and you need to sit tight and hold your tears for hours. I learned it the hard way i guess
 Last but never least, say hi to the super talented photographer of mine Kaymori , he's finally wanted to become the official photographer of HippieGoneMad, yeay check his website and i can't wait to have a fun shoot with him asap!

Coat: FrontRowShop
Pants: Selfmade
Shirt: Zara
Bracelet: Yihaa Project
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 
Bag: MargielaXH&M 
Photographed by Kaymori


  1. Awesome pics!
    Super cool outfit

  2. You don't need the slimming effect. This outfit looks stunning on you. And Iindeed you rock the white hair.

  3. CINDYY !! your new haircolor really really really really suits you !! you look more edgy, effortlessly stylish, and cool !! beyond words and i saw the good feedback about your hair at ig, that's good for you ! keep it up, cool girl <3

  4. I don't think that pink coat makes you look fat or what, ci cindy. It was boxy and cute! :)

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  5. ci ceka my favprite post from you so far!!!!! <3
    the hair omaygatttt~

  6. Aaaaah kak CK ur new hair, aku nggak bs bleach sampe seputih ituuu, how can u get that color ?????? Trully love,


  7. wow your hairrrrrrr <3

  8. Woww... We love it. Your HAIR ^_^

  9. oh my so in love with ur hair
    and a great look as always

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  10. Omg this is my favorite look! Love the new hair color on you! The coat and shoes and clutch are simply perfect! xx

  11. congratz for having an official photographer! he's definitely awesome cuz i love your photos! also, GIRL your hair! you're on fire i love it!!! and it's important to be yourself so woo you go girl! and your outfit posts are on your blog, keep up the amazing work<3
    also if you're interested, let's follow each other! do let me know!!


  12. OMG, i'm in love with your new hair color TT-TT
    well, YOLO so...
    You're not fat at all ka '----' Love the coat!

  13. OMG! I wish I have the courage to dye my hair! :(
    Anyway, in L-O-V-E with your shoe!!!

    Much love,
    Dinda Nayaredhanty

  14. major love on your new hair, fits you very well! and gorgeous coat xx

    Letters To Juliet