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White is Everything

Hi guys! How's your weekend? I;m super busy with my school work right now :( please wish me luck for my final exam will you?
Speaking of school work, finally for the first time in my life i'm brave enough to show you/ to wear my own design in public. Here it is!The coat is just a prototype though, i made it last year during my second year in Marangoni. What do you think? At first i didn't want to wear it but then, after i got my white hair, it just makes sense.... I need to wear my own design for sure!
I'm super obsessed with white lately, as if my hair color could control my mind as always. I never love pink until i dyed my hair pink, and i never love blue before i dyed my hair blue... ah my hair affects my brain to function, i really love white because it looks super clean and neat, chic and modest at the same time. I know i know some of my friends and readers told me that i look like Mary Kate, Ivana Carpio from Love-Aesthetics or even Mirage from The Incredible movie.  I'm super flattered and i took that as a compliment since i love all 3 of them and the Incredible is one of my favorite animated movies of all time! but can i just be... me? A lot of people love white and i've been staring at a lot of interior design blog from sweden and following those dreamy interior designer on instagram. I love simplicity and minimalism just because it just makes sense for me to do so. I love it, not because everybody told me to love it or not to love it. Why can't a person become him/herself? How come the "Just be Yourself" motto suddenly disappeared when someone finally become him/herself?
Can we be happy for someone else's happiness? A lot of people share many similar interests in life, i love to change all the time in order to discover my true-self and i think i'm ready to settle with white and hopefully grey and black too. I find it depressing to wear a lot of color at the same time while you're working on your collection. I need to be neutral and to careless about what i wear(in a good way of course). I lied if i told you i didn't even think about what i'm wearing right now, i love to look good but sometimes less is more too! Enough said... next topic please!
Could you please welcome my new Jeffrey Campbell Shoes  yeay! I've been eyeing this baby for a few week and finally when i have the courage to buy those babies, they're all sold out! BOOHOO, i almost cried when i saw the sold out sign but then(drumroll) Solestruck restock these babies and you already know the end of my shoe story. They run 1 size larger in my opinion because i'm pretty sure i bought it in my usual size but it feels a little bit larger, the bottom sole made from super firm foam so it's not that heavy to walk on, and the color was perfect! Maybe i should buy the black on too!? no? #shoemaniac.

Coat&Pants: Made by Cindy Karmoko
Shoes:Jeffrey Campbell ( buy it here )
Ring: YSL
Photographed by Kaymori


  1. totally love the shoes <3
    awesome white look from head to toe!

    Diary of a Dreamer

  2. Your selfmade coat is to dieee for!! And your new hair style totally suits youu + make you look even more gorgeous c ceka! :)

  3. I LOVE YOUR HAIRRRRR! Told ya that platinum white hair will suit you! And now you remind me of Love Aesthetics. Btw, I love everything in this outfit from head to toe, especially the coat!

    Goodluck with your final exam ci Ceka!


  4. I'm so jealous of your white hair--it's a color I've always wanted haha. It looks fabulous on you--and JC shoes are always the best!!

  5. I love your hair and coat! Good luck for your final exam :)

  6. gosh! that white all around you just make you more stunning! love your hair so much!
    and you are such a talented young designer. I hope you could make Indonesia proud of your design

  7. cindyy your selfmade coat is soooo cool !!!! just suits you very well and really matches with your hair <3<3 super loooveeeee !

  8. i thought they're stella mccartney haha but your coat is to die for! love it!

    and yeah you look like Ivania Carpio with that hair. but you're your own person anyway by rocking that hair because you want to. just take it as a compliment :)

  9. Super gorgeous ci! Suka banget sama rambutnya and I pray you become a super famous designer *amin*

  10. THIS IS SO COOL! mau dong buatin coatnya!! ;p;p your blog so cetar i like it <3

  11. i'm in love with your hair, this the best one so far!
    and white on white is never fail and i love the whole outfit <3

    xoxo, Jessica

  12. I love how your hair goes so well with your all white outfit! And I love those JC's! Great blog btw. :D

    Neon Fox

  13. absolutely loving the whole new look of you!
    I do love white
    because white is the new black <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  14. that coat is so sick! super love it.
    and your hair, omg is so flawless!