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White + Croco

Ah i think 2014 is my year, lol i just knew that jeffrey campbell put me in their instagram + twitter acc as one of their #JCgirl, love love jeffrey campbell so much and  never thought that i could get so much positive response about my look from all of the fashion lover around the world. How's your day guys? happy weekend btw, if you remember awhile ao i posted a few new babies of mine and these pink and red stella mccartney is one of them! yes yes i got the stella mccartney fever lately so bare with me. I also want to introduce you to my new purse from furla, i lost my wallet about a month ago and i finally got myself a new purse, more affordable than my celine wallet but i love it no matter how much it cost the quality and style are the one that matters no?(and function of course lol)
OH! no i didn't cut my hair short pretty people, so calm down darlings! BOOHOO i don't have the guts to cut my hair short because i really love my current hair length and unfortunately i didn't have those killer jawlines but i'll never say never, maybe one day i'll chop them pixie short, but not now, not today or in the near future. *inhale* *exhale*.
I really love this year's winter here in Milano, despite the heavy rain that always come and go without any warning, the weather is warmer than last year! yeay!(or maybe global warming does exist?) i love to feel the breeze and the warm sunlight again. Not as warm as mr.B's hugs of course! hahaha, ugh i miss my boyfriend so much i could cry. Another lonely valentine for me i guess... How about you?

Photographed by kaymori
Shoes:Stella Mccartney


  1. Great look! love this silhouette!

  2. White is the new black! Loving your style!!

  3. very pretty look, and your hair is amazing!

  4. the third photo is my fav
    be-you-tea-ful & sweet at the same time <3

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  5. cici ini keceeee parah!
    love the shoessss! <3

  6. always love white on white
    clean and neat and adorable

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  7. awesome from head to toe <3 love your hair and shoes so much!

    Diary of a Dreamer

  8. This look is simply amazing. White on white can never go wrong! xx

  9. congrats for your feature at jc's ig as jcgirl !! #indonesianproud hehe lol
    anyway. superlove this look of you ! so clean and edgy <3

  10. angelic look! suka banget sama rambutmu :)