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Keep it Neutral with Pashli

If you follow me on instagram (you should! @cindykarmoko ) you'll know that i'm having the stella mccartney baby for awhile now, love love love my shoes so much! What do you think of them? The pashli bag in cobalt is my "throw anything" bag now, i need the smaller size but i'm still deciding since the large one comes pretty handy, i think this is my first blue bag ever, and it's good to wear a neutral outfit with bold colored accessories no?
Today i want to talk about why do people seem super surprised when i change my hair color and... style maybe? I've told you guys that i need a neutral palette because i don't have time to think about what's the best prints to match my skirt/trousers everyday, the exam week is coming closer and closer! I also think that as long as i''m SUPER comfortable with my style and i LOVE it so much what's in other's people head really don't matter, i am still me and my style change according to my hair color, ha! I love to be the chameleon, i love to change and i think I'm older now, that's why.. and oh believe me the weather here is super cold! i really want to wear my shorts and skirts but i can't *cry*. I also learn that in every situation you need to be neutral and to have some respects on other's perspective of anything! We're born and raise differently, we have something in common but not everything.So remember to always be kind to one another, be neutral because if you judge a person today, you'll might be the one to be judge tomorrow! Thank you for the love and support towards HippieGoneMad guys, i really appreciate all the loves! Thank you for accepting my always changing hair color and sometimes style. Thank you for growing up with me and for reading my story instead of just looking at the pics(okay i love you guys who only see the pics too don't worry!). ciao ciao for now, uh oh don't forget to like my Facebook Page  for more update about the blog and me!

Photographed by Kaymori
Turtle Neck sweater: Zara (similar here )
Pants: Zara
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim


  1. a great look
    can't stop staring ur amazing hair
    love love

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  2. oohh the combo is briliant! and i like how you style your hair here xx

  3. did you cut your hair or did you tucked your hair inside your sweater? :D

    p.s: pinned your photos on Pinterest, just because it is too lovely! :)

    Much love,
    Dinda Nayaredhanty

  4. Me Me Me!
    Me love you with any color you put !
    Hahahaha, hey i'm trying to be back here, i hope i still have a space in ur heart!

    missing u much ceka, and i cant express how much i love your shoes and this "plain" style of yours.

  5. absolutely loving the shoot!
    i think you choose the right pop color bag to rock your neutral outfit
    good luck for your final exam anyway :)

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  6. Amazing look as always! Love the shoes! Btw I think you'll look great with short hair! xx

  7. Totally in love with your new hair! I'd say you look better in short hair :) and oh! Loving your style too! Looking forward to seeing more of your style through instagram n blogger

  8. Your hair suits you perfectly. And I'm loving your pastel outfit with that bold color's bag