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Hair F.A.Q

Hi guys so sorry for the long overdue, better late than never no? I just got back from Rome and i got another work to be done (my school work too!) i really hope i could make another outfitpost this week *fingerscrossed*. After dozens of repetitive questions on email, twitter, insta, and facebook i decided to have a hair F.A.Q page her on HippieGoneMad. Just Click the pic on the side bar and BOOM, I've answered a lot of questions and i hope i could help you to achieve the healthiest colored hair possible. I'll update the page everytime i change my daily hair routine, so stay tune guys!

click HERE to jump to the hair F.A.Q page 


  1. Goodluck fot your school and I can't wait for your new F.A.Q page

  2. OOO YAISHHH finally you made a hair f.a.q! I've been waiting for this post for soooooo long because I adore your hair soo much! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Much love,
    Dinda Nayaredhanty

  3. I've been contemplating in dyeing my hair again so thank you for the tips! xx

  4. i bet that FAQ page is what all your readers need! ;)