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Me wearing flats? Is that slippers? What happen!? The truth is sometimes i love to wear flats, my big toe was injured and bruised thanks to Disclosure. I was also wearing my heels everyday all the time in Rome for the Bulgari event , ah i wish i could share everything with you guys! Rome is a small heaven!! My life is a BAM! right now, just like my sweater said, i bought the sweater while i was in NewYork with Fimela, how fast the time flies! I saw the word BAM! and i thought I'll wear that sweater everytime i have the BAM! of my life.Btw speaking of flats, i want to ask you a lot of questions!

What makes your life flat? What makes you think that you haven't live your life to the fullest?
Did you make a bad decision a few years ago and you're currently trap in a monotonous 9 to 5 office life?  
What makes you happy? Do you have any ambition at all? Who are you and what defines you as a person?
What will people say about you if i ask them about your personality? 

Yes, most of the time you'll blame your life situation, I'm boring because my boss needs me everyday in the same city, same office, same everything. I'm boring because i have no money to build an orphanage or to do any humanitarian works like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but most of the time you're boring because you're too afraid or too lazy to move, to make a difference for yourself, to trust your talent and to step outside of your comfort zone.
I know some people who have the dream jobs, great positions, steady life just like a mill pond but then... They decided to leave everything and start a new thing right back to point zero. What's the point of going back to the start while you're on the highest top of your career. You're a senior, cocktail parties,fine dining, invited to the biggest event in town. Are you insane? The truth is... they're smart enough to ignore the judgement and to choose to enjoy their life while they still can. For all of you, students.. Take your time, i have a gap year to think about what i want to do in my life and i think you should not pick something just because your parents told you to. 
Thirty years from now, you'll be on your own, will you enjoy your life? Will you regret your decision? Fear or failure will always be there, the simplest thing to know how bad your desire is to imagine, what kind of jobs that you'll do voluntarily? If money was not the object , if money doesn't exist what will you do ? 
I proudly said that i choose my own career path and my life is never flat! I work hard and i never hate fashion after all this time. I prefer to blog rather than spending my night in the club and it's my choice because I'd rather go to Rome and interviewed the CEO of Bulgari than trying to show how cool you are in path and instagram. I'm not against having fun so don't get me wrong, i go to club sometimes but you need to set your priority. Since i was in junior high school i participate in a lot of newscasting and public speaking competition, i participate in the national competition too just to test my skill and i really love to talk to a lot of people who's older than me. I choose to spend my time in high school with something useful, I'm not popular and i think some popular kids hate me just because they can. I'm one of the underdog, honestly i was sad and i hate my high school environment at that time, but *cough* who cares! First they laugh, then they follow right? 
Last advice for you pretty people who afraid to be who you really want; you only life once and time will never stop. You need to celebrate your life, i never went to Milan before ,but i chose to stay and study here.Because i thought I'm going to be fine here, i took the leap of faith and start with a small city like Milan. See the real world people, keep exploring! Run from your comfort zone, i wear outfits that i love and have hair colors that i prefer . What other people think about me is non of my business, be happy and be kind to one another! I hope this post will help you to find your own happiness. *kisskiss*
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Photographed by Ayu Ananto, 
with Anastasia Siantar a.k.a The Brown Platform Girl 's camera (grazie anas!!)


  1. Such a lovely hair color you have!!:)
    And love the blooming tree in background, dreamy!!

  2. the set is so pretty! :)

    Much love,
    Dinda Nayaredhanty

  3. Gosh, you really motivate me with this post ci..
    I feel my life is so flat but I think I have to make a change :')

  4. yes I agree with "run from the comfort zone"
    btw nice outfit :)

  5. you still look great with flats

    stay fab,
    Miss Aa

  6. cheerss to your notes here ! just feel the same about your thought and what you did <3
    i feel like even we're in the same age, but you've experienced a lot and just love the way you inspire other people :)
    good luck cindy !

  7. loveee the outfit esp your sweater!
    you're always such an inspiration c ceka.. I'm gonna graduate from high school next year and my heart is thumping everytime I think about my future ;(. this post really motivates me <33

  8. I love your giggling pose there. It's different and it's cute
    And I love your flats, you have to relaxed your leg from the heels

  9. Love the skirt! These photos are so stunning as well, love the background xx

  10. loving the sandal and top! you look very gorg xx

  11. omg! your post so inspire me!

    i will try run from my comfort zone, because the comfort zone is really flat. haha

    Thanks Cindy! x