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All Black Errthang

Miss me much? I decided to honor today with an all black outfit because today is my 5th Anniversary with Mr.B. Yes 5 years not 5 months people, black outfit is his thing, i love white more than black in general. He's like the yin to my yang, opposite attracts, maybe because you always want what you don't have. We're human after all, in this pass 5 years i learn to be a better and better each day, i met him when i was 17 years old and now i'm 22. I grow up but we're blessed because we never grew apart. I also wear trousers because i think Mr.B loves me more when i wear trousers instead of shorts, lol thank you my sponsor @Lacouvertureshop for this super comfy harem pants, super love it!
Oh oh back to my relationship, i started to think maybe this long distance relationship is for the better? At least for 3-4 years,  I think we past the test or maybe he past the test, he let me pursue my dreams and the sweetest thing is, he always wait for me and support me all the way. He taught me to be tough and you need a person who always said that you're pretty even though you just woke up and looks like a sea monster with white hair no? Chiko and Mr.B are my everything, ah i miss them so much. I need an ice cream to cool myself down. Btw graduation day is coming! I really want to make a dress for myself and i need to go to gym more often!
How's your day guys? Is June treating you well so far? Don't forget to shop the Daniel Wellington watch and get 15% discount with code "DW-Hippie" only on their official website and you can click HERE to shop! Valid until 8th June so hurry up! Will get one for Mr.B for sure so that we could get a matchy matchy watch. :) 

Trousers: @Lacouvertureshop (Instagram)
Sandal: H&M
Jacket: Next
Watch: Daniel Wellington


  1. gym? ...what gym? you look incredibly HOT!!!
    i love you make black look so laidback yet chic!

    Style and Write

  2. That is so sweet! and you looj so gorgeous and really thin ! Stay strong and congrats for your graduation soon :)

  3. Amazing outfit!

  4. omg! perutnya ci rata sekali ngegymnya gak sia2 kayaknya :p
    btw happy anniv for you and your bf and I love your outfit

  5. BLACK go RAD !!


  6. Loveeee this all black look on you! Happy 5th anniversary with your boyfriend!

  7. Sleek and you rock the black on black! Suka banget crisscross sandalnya, cii <3 xx

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room