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Camo Chameleon

A totally different outfit from my last post! My dear friend Ario Achda describe me as a chameleon and i think he's right! I think what's beautiful about fashion is... you can be a "new" person each day. I can't never describe my style specifically just because i change a lot on daily basis. I love to try new things and to wear whatever i want as long as it match my ever changing hair color of course and i think you should too... Be who you really want to be, dress like you mean it and in the real life I'm super indecisive. I love to be romantic sometimes but always with an edge, most of the time i couldn't find a place where i truly belong. Have you ever felt like this before?
My graduation day is coming and i got a scholarship offer from a university here in Milan, i thought my journey in Milan will be over this year but the universe said not yet. Maybe my fashion journey just begin this year? For this past three years i don't now how to merge with the Italian fashion industry, i feel there's a barrier between the Italians and (let's face it) an ordinary asian like me. First, the language, it's my third year in Milan so right now language is not a problem for me i guess. I still need to learn a lot of vocabulary but i can have a light conversation with the lovely Italians. I really want to join the blogsphere of Grazia.IT this year, it's one of the biggest here in Italy and i love all of the bloggers, i really want to get to know all of the Italian bloggers and maybe i could introduced some of them someday? Even though this will be my third year of blogging here in Italy, i still need a lot of guidance from the lovely italian bloggers and Grazia.IT is the best place to know a lot of italian bloggers! I really love the website because it covers a lot of things! I'm a contributor of two Indonesian magazines now, and i think it'll be lovely to try to contribute for an italian one no? You can check the website of course HERE .
Btw speaking of chameleon, i really love my top from N.F.R.T , i got a lot of compliments while wearing this super comfy sweater! I think it's a good investment and you can definitely wear it to college and be eye catchy without being overly dramatic. My suggestion is to pair it with a pair of sneakers such as Nike to tone your look down and if you want to go out with your friends make sure you bring your favorite pair of heels so you can switch it up quickly.

Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Sweater: N.F.R.T
Skirt: H&M
Shoes : Nike
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim


  1. Cekaaaa cantik. Background nya juga bagusss 💜💜

    I call this S3 = skirt + sneakers + sweater

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  3. I love that unique camo. It looks fabulous on you!

  4. I have the same skirt and I love how you styled it! <3 xx

  5. The skirt is just adorable! <3

  6. I love the skirt!

    I am following you now on gfc, would you like to follow me back so we can stay in touch?

  7. You are definitely a stunning chameleon!
    Loving that N.F.R.T sweater pattern, cekaa! <3

    crunchy cheese me

  8. u look fab! i lvoe the pics! they look so natural!!


  9. What a pretty skirt and you look soooo stunning x

  10. I love that sweater <3

  11. That sweater and those shoes are lovely eye-candies <3


  12. Wheeee, tu rok nya keren banget!!:D:D
    Sweaternya kayak di jaman 80 80 gituuuu:3:D

    I dare you to take a step to my blog!
    Adventure of P-Chaaaaan!!

  13. Love your tips of mix n matching with chameleon piece :)

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  14. you look soo pretty and fresh with colors <3

  15. Wow!! I really adore your sense of style! You are so fierce and fearless <3 I'm loving your hairstyle/color!

  16. Wow Cindy! Cool outfit. I love the sweater, the skirt, the shoes, and it looks perfect with your hair! Oh my! I never thought I could be this jealous. Hehehe

  17. love the sweater! and congrats on your scholarship <3 :D