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Monte Baldo & Verona

Experiencing the cold winter and hot summer weather in the same day during my trip to Verona and the amazing monte baldo. It was my second time in Verona but this time i could enjoy the trip without any rush/ rain. I went to Monte Baldo because my mom really wanted to go there, she loves mountains more than the city of Romeo and Juliet i guess.
I wear a lovely skirt from Ramune Shop and you can find the same exact skirt HERE , i went there on the same day but when in Verona my sister told me to change my bag with hers because my michael kors bag was lighter so i carry the bigger bag in Verona which is my pashli from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Photographed by my mom
Skirt: Ramune Shop
bag: Michael Kors, 3.1 Phillip lim
Top&;Sandals: H&M


  1. hope you are having much fun

    love from nepal

  2. Love the view & also your skirt. <3

  3. OMG the view on the first picture is simply amazing!


  4. You look great! Pemandangannya seru ya yang ada sapi-sapinya :) xx

  5. the second picture is awesomeeeeeee