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Alexander Wang x H&M

YEAY to Alexander Wang X H&M! I consider myself as a lucky girl because i was late to queue in front of the store but i still got a chance to bought a few of my favorite items from the Wang collection and here is my first outfit wearing Alexander Wang x H&M. Super love the neoprene top and this collection suit my monochrome style unlike the previous H&M collections! Thank you Alexander Wang and H&M!
I also want to thank the super kind Daniel Wellington team for sending me another DW watch! Can't wait to give you the secret discount code!

Photographed by Rufina Ayu Ananto
Top: Alexander Wang x H&M
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Stella Mccartney
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bag: Aesthetic Pleasure


  1. Wow, that's so cool that you were able to get some of the Alexander Wang x H&M collection! I have a friend who got some as well--there's some cool stuff!

  2. The wang neoprene top's looking fiercely chic on you!
    Can't wait for the other wang post! ;)

  3. Cool! Love your outfit and that top is amazing!

  4. Loving this look so much! Great job in acquiring the most coveted top ever <3 !