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I never consider myself as thin but if you knew the 12 years old me than you know that i really want to be fit and healthy. My body weight fluctuate a lot and in my lifetime i lose a lot of KG in total because of my crazy yoyo diet( i lost 67 kg in total during my lifetime) i could gain 6 kg in a week, 25 kg in a month during my junior high school years. So crazy right... I hate junior high and high school because i was super sad and insecure all the time. I never felt good enough and i have the wrong goal. I want to be skinny, pretty, lovable and most of all i want to fit in. I posted about this matter couple of years ago and you can see it HERE
If you follow my blog you probably know that I rarely wear any crop top, and I prefer to show you my gym outfit in my instagram Just because the pictures are smaller and Im super shy to post a gigantic pictures of me lifting weight here in the blog. But when I saw this wang sports bra, i knew it that this will be my motivation outfit. Yes, to go to gym or to do 100 situps at home are not my favorite things to do. I love junk food and food in general, surrounded by pizza and pasta in Italy make me forget about my fitspiration album in my pinterest.
My boyfriend on the other hand became a gym freak! He goes to gym four times a week and I could see his progress and its amazing! He told me a few diet tips and i tried a few that works for me. I still eat a lot but I lose my weight a little bit each week.
These are my personal plan, Im not a doctor and I only do whats work for ME.
1.     Drink at least 1,5 L of water each day
2.     Drink 2 glass of water before and after meal
3.     To prevent you from snacking trashy goodness, buy orange and dried fruits instead.. or any kind of fruits.
4.     Eat more vegetables
5.     Dont eat rice, substitute with potato, sweet potato or quinoa
6.     Eat a lot of broccoli
7.     Dont starve yourself!
8.     Dont binge! Eat maximum 2 pieces of chocolate and let go my friend, share it with your love ones instead!
9.     Sharing is caring, instead of having a piece of cake by yourself bring 4 spoons and share it with your love ones.
10.  When youre bored eat banana! People tend to eat a lot of trashy food when theyre bored so make sure you have those sweet banana in your home/bag
11.  Drink tea(no sugar)
12.  Walk! I didnt have any car here in Milan, so I walk everywhere, I run to catch the tram and bus everyday btw.
13.  Dont hate yourselves; yes we gain a few pounds sometimes. Just smile and start over!
14.  Never weight yourself during your monthly period.
15.  I prefer roasted or boiled than deep fried
16.  Never finish your meal! Throw the last 2-3 spoons, sorry mother nature but after a few weeks you can control yourself from eating too much.
17.  Eat chicken breast
18.  Eat what ever you want on Saturday and Sunday but I always hate meatballs, sausage, burgers and pork satay + there are no KFC and fried chicken here in Milan. I eat a lot of hot pot/sushi though
19.  I eat yoghurt everyday
20.  Be happy! Never be thin/sexy for anyone else but yourselves. You deserve to be healthy and happy!
Photographed by Ayu Ananto
Top: Alexander Wang x HM
Pants: Zara studio
Shoes: NIKE
watch: Daniel Wellington 


  1. OMG so inspiring, thanks for the tips!
    you look so gorgeous as always..

  2. Adore your shape kak cindyy!
    thankyou for sharing your personal plan ill try to work that out <3


  3. love that crop top and thank you for sharing the tips <3

  4. Omg ci , hope i can have your flat tummy !!!

  5. First time visiting your blog and I really enjoy reading your posts! Great diet tips! My body weight doesn't change as easily as you do but I still want to go on diet, not to lose weight but just to stay healthy and fit :) I love how you look really sporty in that outfit too!

    Visit my blog too :)

    Deasy Tantra

  6. Aahh! I love this post! It's a nice post to motivate us girl, who wants to be fitter. :D The 20th poin was great! :D


  7. You look stunning and I love this post! I lost about 10 kg's in the past few months by eating healthy, for breakfast I am always having a green smoothie then porridge with nuts and dried fruits.,and loads of salad during the day. Less potato, rice, bread. And about 3.5 liter of water!
    Following :)

    x Edina

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  8. you look
    nice pic

  9. awesome,,, i liked