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A day in a cafe #HGMinmilan

It was nice to be able to meet your friends in a cozy place other than home, while listening to the music and have a sip of Italian coffee or fresh squish juice every now and then. In Milan i found a lot of cafe that tourists don't even heard of because it's like a secret places for us who live in Milan to escape from the tourists.
So sorry milanese, i'm about to  spill the best secret places in Milan which is Pave , a cafe full of goo pastries, music, cakes, coffee and an Zayn Malik lookalike waiter. What more could you ask for? The whole 1 Direction lookalike waiters.... I know i know...
Here is the information and do come here whenever you go to Milan, Italy.

Pave Milano
via Felice Casati 27, Milano
+39 02 94392259
mar/ven (tuesday-friday) 8.00 - 20.00
sab/dom (saturday/sunday)8.30 - 19.00
lunedì chiuso (closed on monday)

Btw for those who always ask where could you get my super favorite shoes from Stella Mccartney, it's on sale now only at Neiman Marcus i'll give you the link down below!

Photographed by Maytridan Sumalong
Shirt: Vintage
Denim: Cheap Monday similar here
Shoes: Stella Mccartney buy here
Bag: Aesthetic Pleasure  


  1. You look awesome! this cafe looks like a place where I want to visit!

  2. Always a fan of a casual outfit with high heels! :)

    Looking great! :)

    Geekette in High Heels