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Fat Fit Journey

First of all, i'm not a fitness guru(of course you can all see how round my body is) and i only share my experience / some things i found on the internet to motivate us all to be fit and not fat. I didn't say fat is bad but if you prefer to be fit and you will be happier if you are then we're in the same page!yeay!+ This is a non sponsored post!
Here are some tips(for myself) that are working for me when i want to change my diet:

1. Have a food diary: My trainer suggest an app called My Fitness Pal you can download the app and add the food that you eat through out the day to know how much was your calorie intake.
2. Drink Water: I thought i'm supposed to drink only 1.5 liters a day but then after a research i found out i need to drink at least 3 liters/day and 1 big fat glass before each meals! Let's do a 30 days 3 liters of water challenge shall we!
3. Don't force yourself to do what other's do: What works for you might not works for others, if yoga is not for you then keep searching for something that click with your mind and soul! Running was not for everyone, i prefer hiking and weight lifting or a fun interval training for my cardio, but at least walk and take the stairs! Be active if you want to lose more calories :) You should work hard but if you love what you do than it'll be easier and more fun! Dance, run, play basketball, badminton, tennis, there are a lot of options to choose. My tips is in order to love it you should try it at least twice :).
4. Eat more vegetable! I love all kind of vegetables so this one is so easy for me but try to substitute the fried and stir fry food with grilled and boiled ones. For us asians, hotpot/shabu2 is the best way to eat vegetables!
5. Get pro with the proteins: My boyfriend told me that protein is way better than carbs because our body needs to process the protein longer than the sugar in carbs. So instead of rice change it with quinoa. Eat more fish and chicken + eggs.
here are some blogs that i love because they provide many healthy recipes:
Eat Yourself Skinny , He and She Eat Clean , iowagirleats , The Gracious Pantry , Funeral For My Fat and last but not least you can get a clean eating meal plan here at The Kitchen Shed .

After all the positive things i want to tell you my struggle to stay healthy :(

Lists of my bad habits that make it hard for me to lose weight:
1.Snacks : I love snacking but a bag of chips will be gone in 10 minutes even if i said to myself "just eat one cindy"
2. Sweets/Desserts: I LOVE desserts, can you tell from my instagram? but eventually i need to get a grip and gain my self control.
3. Lazyness: I'm too lazy to go to the gym, get sweaty and i need to encountered various models and pretty people while I'm like a little piggy trying to run as fast as i can. I know people always tell themselves that is not always about you, but for my gym time i always try to focus on my own progress rather than to look around. By the end of the day, it's you who could change your own world not others. You have the key to success, all you have to do is to focus and just do it!

Photographed by Maytridan Sumalong
Top: COS
Legging: Nike (gifted)
Shoes: Nike Huarace


  1. Noted! thank for the tips Cindy! :)

  2. Loving this look of yours! the patterns blend together nicely. such great tip as well!
    I think the only way to not eat snacks is not to buy any of them! or even don't go around snacks area when you go to the supermarket ;P That's what I do

    Deasy Tantra

  3. great shots.. love that pants..

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa ?

  4. yes yes, fit is the most important thing! you look so adorable here<3

    This is real and This is me

  5. I'd love to start having a healthy lifestyle and start eating clean and all but unfortunately, I live in a small town in Indonesia and access to organic and healthy food is hard and junk food is very affordable meanwhile healthy food is expensive which i can only have for only once in a while :(

  6. looks like gedung sate yaaaaaa