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Cindy's Love Life #1

Return to my comfort zone after all this time to pour my heart out. I rarely put my boyfriend in here because we're 7000 miles apart for this past 4 years. BUT, he finally came all the way from Jakarta to Milan for oe month to help me with my thesis and to be introduced to my new world. He touched my heart with his kindness and i thought i love him so much already but here i am falling in love with this extraordinary guy all over again. I admire his perseverance and he always teach me a lot of things everyday. Sometimes i saw him acting like a child when he saw his favorite stores or food but that's my reaction too so... We're alike and we speak the same language when it comes to fashion and food. So here's the first post of my "Cindy's Love Life series". My adventure with my love one in Europe.
I miss him so much right away but let me tell you that story by the end of the series.
Here, we went to Monte Baldo, a mountain near lake Garda. My favorite place in Italy and i finally could share it with my favorite person. We're like the yin and the yang right? Enjoy the pics and Do tell me how your love story started down below!


  1. You guys are so romantic and sweet couple! I pray that you guys long last, happily ever after, and forever be a romantic couple. Amen! :))

  2. OMG you're both so cute. Mine didn't start really good back then. But I hope my relationship will be like yours. Thanks for inspiring! I love you <3

  3. aww.. such a sweet couple!
    Loving the shoots btw! and nice shoes too!

    Deasy Tantra