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So this will be the second part of #Cindyslovelife! We went to Louvre during our trip to Paris! For those who never go to this amazing place and happen to plan your trip to Paris, i recommend you  to take the hop on hop off bus because it'll save your time like a LOT. We took the foxcity tour bus and it cost us about 20 euro/person. The bus stop was near the ice cream shop in front of the Eiffel tower where you can see the famous carousel. If you took the same tour bus like us, Louvre will be on the stop number 7 i believe.
When you go to Louvre don't forget to go inside the museum(you need to buy a ticket) or if you love to shop just go to the underground mall under and you can see the up side down pyramid too!
Since we don't buy a simcard, for y'all wifi hunter, you can go to apple store or the shopping center to get FREE wifi!
Inside the shopping center you'll find all kinds of brands from Balenciaga, Givenchy, Saint Laurent to Furla, Rimowa and Longchamp! My boyfriend and i also went to the food area and get ourselves a big cup of Ben & Jerry's because it was super hot that day. You can tell that i'm a little bit tan right now don't you?
For the outfit, since we're in Paris i wanted to wear this jumpsuit and pair it with big floppy hat + bijoux necklace to add the chicness. My boyfriend wore his new favorite sneakers which is the Yeezyboost sneakers by Adidas and his usual black outfit. So, i hope i help you a little bit dear boys and girls who want to look chic together.... in Paris. See you on my next post!

Photographed by Ivan Victor Lucas and myself
necklace: P.W.N.G
heels: Alberto Guardiani
Top: Yeezy T-shirt
Denim: Asos
Sneakers: Yeezy Boost 350 by Adidas


  1. cool photos! nice outfit!

  2. I wanna taste Ben & Jerry! How does it taste? I bet it's realllly good. Did you see Monalisa inside the Louvre? Hope you guys having another amazing trips together!

  3. Your pics are really amazing! So love~