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Hopes Daydreams and Coffee #Wheninmilan 2

The best city to have a sip of coffee quietly and mind your own business basically in a cafe. Milan... where business meetings, alone time and Italian heart pouring session happened all in one place. I could remember vividly that day was a sunny sunday, the last day of this year when i could wear my comfy shorts and  give my legs the ray of sunshine i muchly needed.
It's so good to have an alone time in Milan, I was lost in my own daydreams... My heartbeat went a little bit crazy because of the two espresso shots i took earlier... It's time for the egg Benedict and orange juice i guess...
I couldn't stop thinking about my hopes, dreams and the reality that bites. Mr.B went home to Indonesia already after a good cry we start to get back on our own. Back to the reality of LDR and business. My mood was not as bright as the sunlight...Grey is the word describes me best.. What should i do to move forward? But then... Let's inhale and exhale... Just breath Cindy, all you can do is wait and see...
God is full of surprises, right after i surrender and let Him do the work... My phone started to vibrates like crazy and BAM.... 4 emails and two texts from people that i respect the most appeared on the screen... Let my hopes and daydreams come true or maybe it's just a set back that i need to accept? *big sigh*

Photographed by Tridan Yoshua
Coat by COS
Top and Shorts by Young Hungry Free
Ring by Astrid and Miyu
Shoes by Gianvito Rossi x Mary Katrantzou


  1. I love the cafe interior and your outfit here. Btw stay strong cin, you can do this! :D

  2. amazing inspiration. thanks for informative post!

  3. So jealous you're in Milan!! And good luck with all your hopes and dreams. <3

  4. I was in Italy a few week ago.. and I really wanted to visit Milan.. but I just didn't have the time! Perhaps a next time!

    You look great in this outfit! Love the pose in the 2nd pic and those heels are amazing! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  5. i love these photos,and they are so beautiful.

  6. You are extremely gorgeous and I really love your makeup on this look!

    Much love,

  7. I love your looks, they're stunning!
    I'm also in Milan :)