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No Time For Grief #Wheninmilan 3

Like myself... My favorite city is full of secret places, a place to hide, to chill or dress to kill. My uniform will always be monochrome, oversized, maximum minimality and dare i say powerful. Monochrome soothes my chaotic mind but not now i guess... not now....

It was a gloomy day, I need sometime to think, school works are just too crazy, I sometimes wanted to give up and let everything go. As much as i love fashion, it could be so stressful at some point til you hate it. To calm my mind down i walked around Milan and suddenly.... I found this huge colosseum like building, the iron gates are sky high tall, i thought it was a castle or maybe a church? It's bigger than the Duomo for sure.
I looked around and I saw couples, old people and.... oh no..... a group of people with black outfits and bouquets of flowers in their hands entered the gate... It was open for public and I'm already too curious to turn away from this majestic place. So... I entered the place, it was the biggest cemetery here in Milan, full of statues, arts and of course the ones who already rested in peace... I walked around the area, up to the stairs and feel the breeze. I got goosebumps all over me, i stayed still for awhile and take a moment to look around this beautiful cemetery.

Silence filled the whole area, i saw a couple of lovebirds kissing in silence, a lady crying in silence and me... Standing here alone, wondering what would happen next? Should i stay at this pity party phase in my life, with all of the school works, LDR and those opportunities that I've been missing  for these past months? Looking at those statues and gravestones... I know i have no time to grief, life is hard as we know it. But be grateful cause you still got a chance to do what you love and to do it well is all you can do Cindy.... I get up from the stairs, running through the pine trees and i stopped... Wait, i know them... What are they doing here? Together, without my other friends... hmm hmm hmm, remember when i say Milan is full of secret places? I must've found one, the one they thought would never be found... I run towards them...

to be continued....

Photographed by Tridan Yoshua
Top & shoes by Young Hungry Free
Pants by Zara
Bag by Dignitycloth